Hannah is flying home for the new year of 2000. On the plane she meets a man called James, Meeting James changes her life forever that she thought that she might never get. But could that all change?


3. Terror

"And that's how I came to be on this flight" He finished. "Listen I have something to tell you, I-"

He was cut off by a shouting voice. I saw a figure with a mask on with a gun coming up towards the cot pit. I felt terrified, some people started to scream. The man punched a flight attendant in the face, she fell to the floor in pain. The man entered the cot pit and flung the pilots out some other men came up the aisle and had guns and masks to. One of the men told us that they were going to land the plane in a field until we get what we want. I turned white and felt terrified I was thinking in my head that all I wanted was to see my parents. James saw that I was scared and said that everything would be alright and that we would get out of this alive but I was doubtful.

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