Hannah is flying home for the new year of 2000. On the plane she meets a man called James, Meeting James changes her life forever that she thought that she might never get. But could that all change?


8. Question?

I was shaken awake by someone though I did not know who. When I looked up there was a hijacker

Pointing a gun at he said:

"Give me all your money now!"

I handed him only half of my money I had $100 but I only gave him $50. The hijacker told James the same thing and he gave him $500. I whispered to James

"James I'm scared"

He held my hand and said that we would be fine and that he would protect me. Then James said

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course" I replied.

"Would you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Yes of course" I said.

He kissed me them. Just after that the hijackers told us that they would let us go and that we were free. All the passengers clapped and cheered wildly.

In my head I thought "we're free, free at last :)

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