Hannah is flying home for the new year of 2000. On the plane she meets a man called James, Meeting James changes her life forever that she thought that she might never get. But could that all change?


10. Danger

At about 10pm me and James went to bed, There were two rooms in my bedroom I had one and James had the other. He walked into my room and said:


"Night" I replied.

He walked into his part of the room and shut the door. I lay in my bed and thought. Tomorrow I would ask my parents if James could stay with us. I was sure they would not mind. But I was about to find out how much danger me James and my family was.

It was the morning I got woke up by a loud banning on our front door. I went to get it. I saw a figure standing there, It was a man with a hood as dark as the black night. He pushed me to the floor and tried to throw a knife at me, he missed it landed next to me on the floor.

"HELP" I screamed.

In a flash James was there he punched the man in the face and asked me:

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine I think" I replied.

"Go and find a place to hide with your parents, I will fight him off"

"Are you sure" I said.

"Yes I will be fine" He said.

He kissed me and then I ran to get my parents. I told them what had happened and that we had to hide upstairs. Once James said it was safe he told us that it had been a hijacker. He had come to attack James had disobeyed the hijackers orders. He was meant to kill the person next to him to make the Prime Minster give them the money that they wanted. I turned white then and thought that I could had died. I felt dizzy and sick. I sat down down and fainted.

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