Just Friends

Melissa Grimes an unusual girl at high school finds herself in awkward and strange situations with a new character at school, happy, bubbly and mad. Where will this friendship lead them?


1. The Meeting

Just Friends

Luke Brooks Fanfiction.

By Melissa Grimes.

So there's this new boy that just moved round the corner, he seems nice...

"MELISSA GRIMES" I look up in amazement looking up from my phone I see the teacher stood there, glaring. I quickly hide my phone and slide it under a little crevice under the desk that only I knew about (all the desks in our school have one) "Melissa please tell me that wasn't your phone" she asked with disappointment "nah miss was this..." And I pulled out my timetable, I always keep it out with me if I have my phone out, as back up. "Hmmm... Stand up" she demanded she didn't sound too convinced so I stood up an I see her check my chair because some people slide it underneath them. Haha but I'm clever! "Fine sit down" she turned on her heel and walked away. I turn to Elise my bestfriend at school and we start smiling at each other. Elise had a slim figure and a short-ish body her hair was straight and a dirty blonde colour, it came up to her shoulders and she never really wore makeup but she has long eyelashes and light blue eyes she had freckles on her nose and cheeks and her lips were a rosey pink. We was total opposites though I was really tall and I was one of the tallest girls I wasn't really thin but I wasn't fat either I was just in the middle, my hair was dark brown and was wavy at the tips it came up to the middle of my back, I wore foundation that didn't really match my skin tone (only a bit darker) and usually a light pink blush, I shade in my eyebrows but I keep my natural shape, I usually wear a lot of mascara because my eyes look small and plump if I don't, and I sometimes wear eyeliner and for my lips I just put Vaseline on them to stop them getting dry.

I hear the door open and I don't usually care to look up because I'm on snap chat with Elise all my weird and amazing faces. A couple seconds later I get a snap of Elise saying "look who just walked in #bangtidy" and the picture was her doing a pedo face. I look up and see a really.. really handsome, tall, masculine lad talking to the teacher he's holding a sheet of paper and his bag is kind of slouchy and hanging of his back, his hair is curly and swept to one side I notice that he has a two lip rings in and a nose piercing. It looked so sexy and hot. I turn my attention back to Elise and she looks at me, bites her lip and nods slowly I blush and smile at my desk like an idiot and shake my head trying not to laugh. I look back up at him and he's looking straight at me and I now look like an even bigger idiot because I'm staring back at him. He faintly smiles and i smile a little but I blush and look away. I just remembered that there was an empty seat next to mine and I get happy and exited at the thought. "Sit next to Melissa" she declares "MELISSA RAISE YOUR HAND" she shouts across the classroom. I slowly raise my hand up in the air and he swiftly sits next to me. I can feel the warmth off his body, normally I can't feel anything just coldness because I either don't have anyone sitting next it me or there single sweater desks, this one was a double seater desk.

"Hey" his masculine deep voice was husky and sexy. Most of all it was an Australian accent. "Hi" i reply to him "what's your name?" I ask him "it's Luke Brooks" his breath smelt like tangy strawberry tic tacs. "What about yours?" He asked as he knelt his head on his hand "you already know it" I smile "no what's your second name?" I looked at him for a second "oh, I knew that. It's Melissa Grimes" I reply "I'm gonna call you M" I laugh and look at him funny "hahaa why?" I ask He laughs "because it's my nickname for you" wow we only just met and he already has a nickname for me.

"So luke brooks. Tell me about yourself" I knelt on my hand so we were both looking at each other eye to eye "well I moved here from Melbourne, that's in Australia btw and I have an older brother beau it's spelt b e a u but you say it as bo and I have a twin brother jai and again it's spelt j a i but you say it as jay. My mum Gina she's Italian so that makes me half I suppose, nothing much too us, we do videos on YouTube too" he explained "what about your story?" He asked he looked really eager "I'm an only child because my mum couldn't have babies naturally with my dad so they did this thing with IVF where they used my dads sperm to forcefully

Fertilise my mums egg, then that created me. My mum is from Cyprus and we lived over there till the age of six we moved because my mum wanted me to learn English. That's it really" I answer him but I see his eyes glance down at my wrist. Because I was leaning on the table with my head on my hand my sleeve dropped slightly. As soon as I realise I sit back up grab a pen and start writing. I can feel him still looking at me so I turn back and look at him looking at my covered up arm his eyebrow are raised in a sympathetic manner. "What is it, you going to judge me now like every other nice lad I meet!" I say but the tone in my voice brings his eye line up to me he was just about to open his mouth "leave it" I stop him.

The rest of the lesson was really silent for us both, when people were talking and having a laugh we was just sat there, thinking. Finally the bell rang for us to leave for dinner. Elise caught up to me at our table me and Elise have out own table because in year seven we declared it ours and even now in year eleven we still sit here so I suppose all the school know it's out spot. "So you and mr hot" she looks up with a mouthful of chicken sandwich very classy Elise very classy. "What about him?" I ask "you know what was you talking about?" She swallowed her chicken and looked up eagerly "well his name is luke brooks he has a twin brother and an older brother he's half Italian" I tell her she looks down looking kinda disappointed "oh sorry I missed out the things your interested in, his breath smells like tangy strawberry tic tacs his sent is sweet but manly, his voice is deep and husky, he has this little habit of noticing things" she was smiling at the things I told her then her face dropped and looked at me "you mean?" She asked "yeah, I don't know how I could have been so careless and not even realised I just saw him glance down at my wrist and I panicked!"

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