Just Friends

Melissa Grimes an unusual girl at high school finds herself in awkward and strange situations with a new character at school, happy, bubbly and mad. Where will this friendship lead them?


2. knight in shining armor

On the way home from school I usually walk down a small stone path hidden away by bushes and small leafless trees, And Small stumpy cobble brick walls. Today it was cold and frosty the ice cascades across the spikey grass.

I hear shouting and chanting of drunken men behind me, I walk quicker and try not to look behind me but I knew they were close I can her there footsteps get faster and louder. A hard hand contacts with my arm and I'm spun around by force, I can now see the two shaggy men looking at me grinning they smell of liquor and smoke as the stench burns my nose, the man holding my arm looks like he hasn't washed or shaved in weeks his hair is all greasy and his teeth are yellow and brown the man behind him isn't any better he was wearing a tie though, the mans hand slowly moves down my body and reaches my breast, I cry out for help hoping someone was around I start to panic and I burst out in hysterical crying. Because I cried out for help the man behind him rushes over puts his grubby hand over my mouth and leans me over a ledge I couldn't see them because I just closed my eyes it was tourture, suddenly I hear a thud and someone hitting the ground there wasn't any pressure on my body anymore and I felt free I hear the two men run away tripping over the cobbled stones, I open my eyes and see a familiar face it's luke! he's angry and staring at the two lowlifes. My heart is thudding. he turns to me and his angry face turns soft and filled with worry I see his lips move but no sound I can still hear ringing in my ears and my heart pumping his mouth moves again and I can faintly her him "are you okay?" My heart stops thumping and I can finally think straight "um. Yeah I'll be ok" I look at him. He holds out his hand helps me up so I'm standing upright his hands were strong but soft "Thank you" I say he smiles at me "no problem I'm just glad your ok, I'm walking you home to be sure. Where about do you live?" He started walking and so I stumbled behind him "um Balfour road" his face lights up "me too that's really strange I live at the end house" the end house was really big and it had a pool in the back garden and it looked like an American style house with lightly coloured bricks. "Oh the big house, your lucky! I live next door" my house was smaller than that house of his. The houses went in size order on our street mine didn't have a pool though just a big garden with a massive willow tree it has an old look to it but it's really beautiful. As we draw nearer to the street we didn't really say much in fact we didn't speak at all but it wasn't awkward. I trailed behind him mostly looking at the back of his head, he would usually look back at me to check if I hadn't got lost or something, which was highly unlikely! We reached my house and he turned to me, my heart started again and I got butterflies when he looked into my eyes "so do you want to go for a meal sometime?" He asked my face dropped from sheer shock, how can someone so handsome actually ask me on a date? Is it a date? No it can't be! "Sure" I smile at him and he blushes and looks away "here's my number just text me or something" I take out my phone and he types it in "cya later" he smiles and turned around I take a deep breath and look down at the number in my phone and I try and get my head around what just happened. I quickly turned to my door and walked in closing the door behind me and shot up to my room, my room was an aqua blue and I had a small desk where my laptop was I turn to where my bed is by the window and I sit on the satin sheets that lay on my bed. I didn't want to seem too keen so I left it for a bit. I decided to have a quick shower so I walked into the bathroom and took my cloths of (obviously) I tie my long brown hair up and switched the shower on. I look down on disgust at my arms, the cuts and burn marks that I left on me sometimes I wonder why I did it and sometimes I ask myself why iv been so stupid, but there's times when I doubt myself and ask myself why I'm here. I know it's not the right thing to do but it helps to take the pain away... For a moment nothing else matters. The times I feel most depressed and unwanted I create these ugly marks on my skin to remind myself I'm alive. The sudden burning sensation of the shower knocks me out of my thought and I push it out of my mind besides I haven't done it in over a month. I step out of the shower and everything is all streamed up I walk into my room where I then dry myself with the white fluffy towel. it's got a little snowman on it. I pick out my 5sos t-shirt an some baggy bed shorts I stick on my favourite socks they are fluffy and pink with little piggies on, I look at my phone and it's got 6 cracks on it an the home button is missing I don't even know how that happened! I unlock it to reveal 8 new messages 5 from Elise and the other 3 from my mum I open the ones from Elise first

Elise: what you doing now?

Elise: oii pooey

Elise: no need to be ignorant

Elise: haha I got a fish just now XD

Elise: called it Gerald 🐠

I smile at the randomness of the message I start to reply

Me: sorry was in the showerrrrr haha good need to come over and see him :3

Then I open the ones from mum, it's proberbly the same old stuff...

Mum: hey Mel going to a party tonight won't be back till late you know

Mum: tea is in the fridge

Mum: If someone knocks on at 8 just hand him the envelope through the letterbox. Don't open the door!!!

Bit strange about the envelope, I won't open it though because it's proberbly just money for some business she's investing in. my mum might be into party's an stay out all hours of the morning but she's smart and knows how to make money from her company. My dad passed away 4 years ago from lung cancer and ever since then my mum hasn't been around much and I had to learn how to grow up fast. I just remembered I had to text Luke it's Been an hour an a half so it's not that I'm needy now is it?

Me: hey it's Mel you okay?

I sent the text and I wasn't really expecting an answer but almost straight away he answered my text

Luke: hey what you doing at 6?

It's 5 now and I don't really know, I have to be back by 8 though to give the man that envelope

Me: not sure why?

Luke: wanna come over? I have pizza :D

Me: haha okay can I come now?

Luke: sure

I put my shoes on and put on a wooly jumper over my top and hop over to his house the front door was big an there wasn't a doorbell so I knocked on. I waited a while and no answer I knock on again and still no answer I'm just about to walk away when I can Hear a thudding noise followed by a bang on the door I laugh and kinda taken back at it, the door flung open and I'm met my a down to earth boy dressed in an oasis t-shirt and dark baggy joggers "come in" he said and smiled at me his hair looked shaggy and windswept but it looked kinda cool. I walked into this huge house and I was really surprised. It wa amazing and totally different to what I expected the floor was marble an the large windows let in light and it looked open and clean. He led me to the living room where there was a brown leather sofa and a huge tv there was painting around of him and two other lads one looked the same that must be jai and the other must be beau, there's a woman on one of the photos an I think that ones Gina. She was really pretty. I can feel him smiling at me an I look at him "you have an impressive house you know that" I say to him "haha thanks" we begin to talk for a while and I notice a small red line on the side of his arm he goes quiet, I look at him "I guess you and I aren't so different after all, I tried to tell you" he says to me I just remembered at school he saw mine and I stopped him before he was going to say something "I'm such an idiot I'm so sorry" I say to him. I guess it's kinda weird seeing someone else's you seem to forget about your problems and want to help the other person you find yourself wanting to know more about them and why they do it. It's a strange feeling but it's also a comfort to know someone elce understands you, that you can have that one person who can feel the same way as you. And shows you even the knights in shining armour have their weaknesses.

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