Two people on vacation find themselves stuck in a frenzy, unlike any other. Read on to find out how they survive in an Apocolypse which leaves them stranded, alone and empty-handed.


2. One-Two.

The next morning I went out to the porch and faced an incredulous look from Donna. "What?" I questioned. She pointed towards the roadside where moaning could be heard and slow, clumsy figures walked by.

"Should we help them?" Donna asked. I nodded my head an opened the gate and walked toward the 'people'.

"Um, hello? Are you okay?" 'Glurrr..' 'Glurrr..' 'Glurr..' It soon dawned on me that those were inhuman noises."Ellie, look." I turned around and saw a congress of creatures walking toward us. I walked forward and tilted my head. "Oh my.." "Donna, come on! Let's g- Donna!" And with that I did not turn back and made a beeline for the beach house.

Quickly grabbing everything necessary, I ran across to the other side and paid the bills.

"Um, sir, is the town clear? Would I be able to get to the airport?" I asked the manager hastily. He quickly pushed me into a taxi and told the cabbie to get me to the airport.

After a day of waiting, I was on my way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"Passengers, attendants, please wear all your masks and prepare for turbulence," the pilot had said. I widened my eyes in shock.

All I knew was that now, I was in the South China Sea.

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