Two people on vacation find themselves stuck in a frenzy, unlike any other. Read on to find out how they survive in an Apocolypse which leaves them stranded, alone and empty-handed.


1. One-One.

"What version you got there?" I said, nosy me peeking over at the mobile.

"Still the beta. We need to wait a month more, Ellie. Just go with the flow, or use a payphone," Donna suggested.

I couldn't help but tell her for the millionth time that I don't want to spend a quarter to make a one minute call.

"But if you use your phone, for thirty seconds you need to pay thirty cents. My option would be to go to the box. There should be some others on sale. Since you're so stubborn," she said, rolling her eyes, "get a pocket one. We can take that to the city and leave the other here to collect reception."

I placed my wrist over my mouth, remembering that the city was not safe. Neither was the town.. Press had been 'confirming' that it had been some aliens from a past-war country. But we were near, or somewhat in an oasis, with other people too, there were several houses. So there should be a few shops nearby.

"Recall what they said about the places here in Africa besides Cape Town. I don't think that would be a wise idea. Tomorrow we'll leave just after dawn. Then we can check out the streets. If you want, maybe we can pay the bill along the way, I'm sure there's enough?" I claimed and then asked Donna who looked back at the kitchen where a money pile was and nodded back at me.

"I think I'll go up to the room. I'm feeling a little.. Green, I shall say," I murmur, clear enough for her to hear.



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