I really don't care! [ON HOLD]

Please read to find out ;)


1. Characters :D

Hey everybody, gonna introduce the characters to my new movella, "I really don't care!"

I'll give you all an idea of what the story is gonna be about after planning the characters.

Of course One directions going to be in it ;) 


Main Characters: Vicky- long black hair, blue eyes, tanned skin- 18 years old

                    One direction ;) 

                    Simon- Tall, brown hair, green eyes- Vicky's best friend- 19 years old

                    Amelia- Vicky's best friend, long blonde hair, blue eyes- 18 years old


Plot- Vicky doesn't care about life. She thinks she's worthless. Vicky takes her pain out on the people around her, she doesn't care but what happens when certain people are hired by her parents to get under her skin and find out why she is like this and try to change her into a happier  and healthy person but will she try or will she simply not care?  


From Hannah :) xxxx


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