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10. Chapter 9 enjoy<3

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Chapter 9

Vicky's POV 

Today's the day Niall and the boys come home! 

Just hearing  someone mention Niall's name makes me feel so good, and i haven't felt like that for ages! 

Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis make me feel good as well but not as much as Niall. Ever since my horrible relationship with Mark, I've been a wreck. Mark treated me like crap and for some reason i just put up with it, i knew i didn't have too but I didn't want him to lash out at me or hurt me in anyway even he tried and sometimes he succeeded but there was one day I finally had enough and i left him. Mark didn't care. I assumed he wouldn't anyway but I really don't care about Mark, he's a dick head and everyone knows it even his family! 

Ever since the boys came into my life, i feel better but they all seem to want to know the same thing, why do I act the way i act? I don't want to tell them because i'm scared they might get fed up with me talking about my problems and then leave. And If they did leave because they got fed up! i'd be the fool because i trusted them.


Zayn's POV 

Finally, the tours over and boy am i glad! I can't wait to get back to Vicky! 

Since learning about Vicky and how she lives, I've started to develop feelings for her. I know what you're thinking! Why would I fall for someone like Vicky? she's different from all the rest. She doesn't expect much from anyone and she hasn't a bad word to say about many, well except for the odd person but that doesn't matter. 

I really need to get this off my chest, maybe i should tell Niall, I trust him with many of my secrets, I hope he doesn't tell Vicky or i'm gonna have a problem.

I text Niall to meet me at the park.

I put on a green hoodie and a pair of black sunglasses, and a beanie so no-one mobs me.

Niall texts me back saying he's at the park anyway so i jog at a steady pace. I don't want to keep Niall waiting. 

I soon reach the park to find Niall sitting under an old oak tree. I make my way over to him.

"Hey Niall!" I take a seat next to him under the enormous specimen. 

"Hey Zayn! whats up?" He said as he licked his chocolate ice cream. 

"Niall I really need to tell you something! and you can't share it with anyone, do you promise you won't tell anyone?!" I was talking really fast, so i'd be surprised if he heard any of that! I'm just really nervous!

"I promise, now what's wrong!" Niall licked his ice cream again, he was ready to listen. 

"Erm well..." My mind went blank I didn't know what to say

"What is it Zayn I promised i wouldn't tell anyone!" Niall sounded really serious this time I guess I should just tell him.

"OK here it goes... I really like Vicky, i know we haven't known her for that long and I know Sam said not to fall in with her but I can't help myself! PLEASE don't tell anyone!" Niall looked really shocked at what I just said I wish he'd say something!


Niall's POV

Zayn fancies Vicky..............


Why is it every girl I seem to like he likes too! 

I love Vicky but so does Zayn for fuck sake. 

I'll just have to fight for her, well if it ever comes to that! 

I just looked at Zayn shock smothered my face. I decided that I should at least respond.

"That's great man, I promise not to tell anyone" I shot him a fake smile. I didn't know what to do at that moment. 

Zayn smiled, he looked so relieved. "Thanks man, i'm so relieved". 


He might be but i'm not!


Hey hope you enjoyed chapter nine. I need a couple more likes before the next chapter.

Sorry but i need to know if people like it.

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