I really don't care! [ON HOLD]

Please read to find out ;)


9. Chapter 8 enjoy<3

Hey everyone! Time for chapter 8 of "I really don't care!" 

BTW Mark is Vickys abusive ex-boyfriend who moved to New York after they broke up one year ago. Mark always gets what he wants, and he wants Vicky. 

Sorry for just introducing a really important part of the story anyway, please send in your suggestions for the story and also like and favourite if you want. 

Anyway i'm blabbering again....... Chapter 8 enjoy <3


Chapter 8


Vicky's POV 

Ah home alone at last. Nobody to bother me or follow me about, which has been happening a lot lately. I actually find it quite creepy but i've got to admit, i find them attractive. What? wouldn't you? uh-huh thought so!

Anyway I have been feeling like crap today so i decided to eat some cheesecake and watch TV all day. My parents won't be home until tonight and the boys are away to a concert in Scotland. So it's gonna be a good day.

Niall's POV

I'm really worried about leaving Vicky on her own. You see Vicky doesn't know how worried everyone is for her because she simply doesn't care but i hope she finds somewhere in her mind to realize that maybe what she is doing to herself is not healthy and get some help, but everyone knows even me, that will never happen.


Vicky's POV

Ummmmm I love cheesecake! it's fucking gorgeous. good job Niall isn't here he would've had it devoured in seconds!  I managed to smile when I said Niall 

Between you and me, I really like Niall. he's so perfect and he knows how to get inside my brain and clear away my sadness. I really wish he could see that I like him. I'll drop a few subtle hints to him over the next couple of weeks when he's home and HOPEFULLY he'll realize!



Sorry for the crap chapter but busy revising this week for exams 



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