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7. Chapter 6 enjoy <3

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Chapter 6


(Just continuing on from chapter 5)


Vicky's POV

I decided I would go for a run, i loving going for a run, it takes my mind off the problems that hide in my mind. I grab a pair of green shorts and a black vest top. I put on my white running trainers and make my way out of the house. I start to run at a steady pace so i don't go out of breath to. quickly. I run past Amelia's apartment. We haven't talked since that day i went to visit her, did i say anything wrong? I don't think i'll talk to her until she talks to me, it's safe to say that won't be happening any time soon.

I start to slow down and jog around the town square, it's very busy today, busier than usual. I stop by a small shop and buy some water, i should've brought some from home but who cares! 

"Vicky?!" A very familiar voice called my name, i turn around to see Liam and Harry. They always show up everywhere I am.

"What brings you guys here?" I try to sound polite ,but to be honest i'm fed up with them following me everywhere.

"We got so bored in the house so we decided to go out for lunch, the other guys were too busy to go out with us" Harry's husky voice spoke. It's not like I fancy Harry, it's just he's very attractive and it would be hard to resist him! But let's think of Harry Styles as my boyfriend. He'd look after me and he'd be funny but with my history of a bad love life, I don't think i could go through that again. His name was Mark, we first met at Amelia's house party two years ago. we got along very well. Soon we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we were happy but the happiness didn't last long, he started  to treat me like shit and there was nothing i could do about it. He mentally scarred me and to this day I still have nightmares about him and he'll never vanish from them. 

I came out of my long day dream when Liam nudged my shoulder. His face was filled with concern.


"Are you okay Vicky?" I nodded my head.

"Well should we go to lunch?" We walked down a narrow lane to a petite cafe, it was very pretty.

We walked into the cafe, sat down and ordered. Our food came in a flash which is great, I'm starving, haven't ate since dinner last night. I got a chicken burger and chips and the boys got curry and rice. I decided to get some sweet chili sauce so i went up to the counter and the person behind it looked oddly familiar, and then the name came into my head.


His devil smirk i definitely recognized and he recognized me as well.


"Hello Vicky nice to see you again" The sound of his voice made me feel sick. He's back from New York



Sorry if i'm being confusing but. Vickys abusive ex-boyfriend has been added. He's portrayed as a real sarcastic shit. Sorry for the short chapter. anyway please like and favourite ;)  


- Hannah :)

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