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Chapter 10

Previously on I really don't care!

Niall I really need to tell you something! and you can't share it with anyone, do you promise you won't tell anyone?!" I was talking really fast, so i'd be surprised if he heard any of that! I'm just really nervous!

"I promise, now what's wrong!" Niall licked his ice cream again, he was ready to listen. 

"Erm well..." My mind went blank I didn't know what to say

"What is it Zayn I promised i wouldn't tell anyone!" Niall sounded really serious this time I guess I should just tell him.

"OK here it goes... I really like Vicky, i know we haven't known her for that long and I know Sam said not to fall in with her but I can't help myself! PLEASE don't tell anyone!" Niall looked really shocked at what I just said I wish he'd say something!


Niall's POV

Zayn fancies Vicky..............


Why is it every girl I seem to like he likes too! 

I love Vicky but so does Zayn for fuck sake. 


Just continuing on from chapter 9 

Niall's POV

It's been two hours since Zayn told me he had feelings for Vicky. 

I'm sitting on our tour bus eating smarties and thinking about Vicky. I love her and she doesn't know it. Probably Zayn will confess his feeling to her before I do and that is not good. I've loved her ever since i first lay my eyes on her. She's just so beautiful... Her long black shiny hair that gleams in the sunlight. Those big baby blue eyes that put me into a trance every time I look into them. She's just so perfect.

My thoughts are interrupted by the opening and closing of the tour bus door. I turn around to see Louis, he's carrying shopping bags full of sweets and other food. His face is filled with concern. He drops his bags on the table and takes a seat beside me.

"You ok buddy?" His voice was overwhelmed with worry.

"....Er i'm fine, not feeling too well. II think the dinner last night did it to me!" 

"Oh that ok, You looked very down" I wish I could tell him but i'm afraid he'll give me a lecture about how Sam will kill me and how it will apparently ruin my friend ship with Zayn which I am afraid of it doing. Awk cut the crap I need to tell him.

Louis was about to walk out when I called him back. 



"I am feeling down, and it's because of something very serious that could rip me and one other certain person apart"

"Oh my god,please tell me I promise not to say a word to anyone! it's also good to talk about these things" 

"Fine.... I really like Vicky but Zayn does too..." Louis' face was expressionless now 

"WHAT! you can't fancy Vicky! Sam will kill you! It'll also ruin your friendship with Zayn"

"I know but there's nothing I can do-"

"Why Niall?" Louis cut me off and started to sound really angry.

"-because I love her!"  Anger overwhelmed me and I walked out. I need to tell Vicky when we get home  tonight how I feel! 

I really don't care anymore if it ruins friendships My love life is on the line.




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