My Definitely NOT Fancy Carrot

A girl named Arianna Redwood just happens to meet Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The way they met may put an impact on a relationship. Will they have a relationship?


1. This Isn't My Usual Work Day...

       If anybody wants to know what Arianna looks like, I have a picture of her that I looked up. It was pretty simple actually. Here's her picture: 

  Her traits matched my imagination perfectly! Green eyes, freckles, bright red hair, and pretty! Ha-ha... Well this is my kind of first time writing a story then publishing it. This story may need some feedback! I have, like, most of the story written so I have goals but I'll probably end up writing it anyways. So enjoy! :D


Beep! Beep! BEEP!! 

      Ugh! Stupid alarm clock. I force myself out of bed and start getting ready for work. ( I straighten my hair and go with all red. Even my makeup. Since I like red and white, I decide to go with Minnie Mouse themed clothes and makeup. It does match my hair color by the way.

       Maybe I make more sense when I say going to work, I work at a drugstore (like Walgreen's) that my family owns as a chain. I usually walk to work because its only 3 blocks away. This time I decided to drive because I'm lazy like that.

       When I got to work, I flipped the closed sign to open and started to look for anything the shelves that needed to be stocked. After, like maybe, the second (or fifth, lost count :)) thing that needed to be stocked, I heard the chimes of the bell which means that a customer was inside. I was trying to hurry up to get them at the register. When I was trying to stock the toilet paper on the top (very high) shelf, I couldn't reach. Don't judge me, I'm short :(. Anyways, I was on my tippy-toes trying to reach the top shelf, when I finally reached.

        But, when I (being my clumsy self) put my hand down, I knocked down a whole bunch of toilet paper and I stepped on some of them and I lost my balance. I almost lost my balance and fell but someone behind me caught me before I could fall. 

         "Aah!" I screamed," Oh my goodness, thank you so much for catching me!" Keep in mind that this person is still holding me. 

         "No problem." a familiar British voice echoed in my ears. 

Thanks For Watching!                                                          xoxoxo                                                    


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