My Definitely NOT Fancy Carrot

A girl named Arianna Redwood just happens to meet Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The way they met may put an impact on a relationship. Will they have a relationship?


3. The Stranger-man-person

Okay guys. I was just kidding about not updating until I get an entry for my 'contest'. But, I really do want entries. if you did enter or are planning to, please message me or comment. There isn't a contest end date because it ends when I pick the winner! So, please don't be shy. If you don't want to, that's okay but SPREAD THE WORD! :D Enjoy! 


      "It's fine. I understand." He says,"By the way, I'm Louis." 

     "I'm Arianna, and I know." I respond confidently.

    "Well then, how come you aren't screaming or fainting or something?" He asks, surprised yet relieved. 

     "I dunno. I guess I wanted to seem cool. Would you like me to?" I ask, smirking.

     "" He says sarcastically.

     "I thought so." I say.

     "Yeah, well..i think you are cool and that we should hang out sometime." He says scribbling something down on a piece of paper then handing it to me.

     "Well, should I pay for this or....?" He questions gesturing to the bag of carrots in his hand.

     I giggle. "Tell you what; it's on the house." I say politely.

     "Thanks." He says. 

     "No problem." I say, trying to act cool. 

     He jogs out the door and out of sight. 

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

           I finish up the day with the customers and earn a paycheck of $35.47. I decide to look at the piece of paper that Louis had gave me. I took it out of my pocket and read it. 

( Loubear's Number: 123-4567) Ha! Loubear! That's cute but childish. I call Louis. 

LOUIS: Hello? 

ME: Hey Lou-Lou! 

LOUIS: don't call me that.

ME: Fine. Grumpy Butt. I was going ask you if I could come over as soon as I cash my paycheck. 

LOUIS: Sounds like a plan!

ME: awesome! Bye! 

LOUIS: bye! 


       Gahh! I'm excited. What do I do? Is this going to be awkward? I hope not. I'm going to One Direction's flat! AHH! I might meet the rest of them! I'm gonna calm down because the rest of them are probably not even going to be there. They probably live with 2 to 3 at one flat. 

       "Hi. How may I help you?" asked a fake-looking lady. 

     "hi, um, I was looking for to cash a check for $35.47? I said, more like a question though. 

     "You can stick the check in the box and I'll get the cash." The lady said.

        The lady walked away and I did what I was told. That sounded weird. NOT LIKE THAT! YOU PERVERTED PEOPLE! If you don't know what I meant then, sorry not sorry. 

        The lady came back and picked up the check in the tube-looking-thingy and switched out with the money she had just grabbed.

        "Have a nice day." The fake-looking lady said as she put the tube-pod-thing in the vacuum-tube-thingy. Gosh, what are those things called? 

       I started driving off when I realized that I didn't have/know Louis's address. So I pulled off the side of the road, and I called him and asked him for it. 

    "000 Thornberry Ct." He said. 

     "Kay, bye LouBear." I said smirking to myself.

     He just groaned and hung up. Haha. I love being annoying. 

    I started to drive again and thank goodness I was headed in the right direction already. 


Hey! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I tried to make it long but then my hands started to hurt. And the next part is where Arianna gets to Louis's flat and things  happen. Again, not like that. You guys are some gross people. JK! i love all of my fans! I'll have more up this week. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. IDK_But i'll write again soon. BAI GUYSS! 'v' 


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