My Definitely NOT Fancy Carrot

A girl named Arianna Redwood just happens to meet Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The way they met may put an impact on a relationship. Will they have a relationship?


2. My Overprotective Daddy :l

OK guys!! I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating. I just haven't updated because i've been busy with school but I really want to update. And please don't forget to check out my other movella. I really love making fanfics but I love reading them as well! Please don't forget! I'll write two chapters or make a really long chapter to make up for not updating so read on!


        My dad just had happened to pass the aisle where this random boy was still holding onto me like we had done a dance where they did the dip at the end. We had just suddenly got lost into each others eyes. 

     "Hey, you!" My dad bellowed, "Get your hands off my daughter!" 

     "Yes, sir!" He said. Then, he let go. Stupid arsehole. 

     I instantly lost my balance AND my concentration in his sparkling blue eyes. The toilet paper had gotten smushed. He tried to help me back up but my dad is being stupid and still won't let him "touch" me. I'm 19 for god's sake! 

      "UGH!" I wobbled.

      "Here," he holds his hand on my back. 

      "EGH-UGH" My dad 'coughs' insistingly. 

     "Dad! When I'm done tripping, nobody is going to want to have babies with me. LET HIM HELP ME." I yell, knowing that he is going to blush and walk away quietly.

    He does. I know my father so well. 

    The stranger-man-person helps me up and I look at his face and I instantly recognize him. Why didn't I notice it before? I decided not to say anything. 

        "So....sorry about my dad, he gets overprotective of me sometimes." I say. 


So, I decided to do two chapters instead of one long one. After I finish the second chapter, I'm waiting for an entry for the contest that I talked about in the other movella i made. So tell your awesome self or friend to write an entry!  If you email it to me, name the subject: MOVELLA ENTRY W/ COVER or something along the lines with MOVELLA ENTRY in it. Thanks for Reading, BAI! XOXO :)


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