My Definitely NOT Fancy Carrot

A girl named Arianna Redwood just happens to meet Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The way they met may put an impact on a relationship. Will they have a relationship?


4. Louis's House is Now Filled With Memories

HEY GUYS! Sorry again for not uploading but my schedule is going crazy! Next week, on Wednesday to Friday, I'm going on a camp trip with all of the other 6th graders then, the wednesday after that i'm driving to New Jersey from Ohio. I'm going with my parents and my Grandma whose been sick but is great now, and my brother and my BFF, friends since 6 years ago. So, yeah...we're going to a port in New Jersey actually because we're going on a cruise so....YAY! But the day before that, I have my 6th Grade Grad Ceremony and I went to my brother's 2 weeks ago? not sure but whateva, he graduated college sooo, yeah. ENJOY!

      A few minutes later, I ended up at Louis's house ringing the doorbell. I was nervous. I didn't that much of a chance to think about who was going to open the door because Harry answered the door. 

"Ello, Love!" Harry greeted me.

"Hi!" I said happily, but trying not to scream my freaking arse off. 

"You're here to see Louis , I'm guessing." He winked, making me die internally.

"Yeah." I said. 

A/N: It's freaking about to storm. IHFhnIOJIKAJFHISJAKMJPOIJFSIOJ AHHHHHHHHHHH! Motherfreaker HELP ME! JK> I'm still scared tho.

"Wait--how did you know that?!" I questioned, blushing.

A/N: I SEE LIGHTNING! I JUST HEARD THUNDER!! MOtHER JESUS! GTG b4 my computer crashes, i'll try to update on my phone. IDK! BAII

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