My Definitely NOT Fancy Carrot

A girl named Arianna Redwood just happens to meet Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The way they met may put an impact on a relationship. Will they have a relationship?


5. Louis's House is Filled With Memories (continued)

hey guys! Srry about yesterday. At least my computer didn't crash. I write longer this time. I'm sorry that I keep lacking but I'm trying to update more so, EXPECT IT! Let's get this...uh...THING STARTED! awkward.


      "Wait--how did you know that?!" I questioned, blushing.

      Harry chuckled, "Louis's been talking about you ever since he came home." 

      I just simply blushed deeper red. Darn my sensitivity!

     Harry let me inside the house by stepping to the side. 


      I winced as Harry screamed for Louis' appearance. 

     Louis appeared at the top of the stairs that stack in front of me. 

    "Well, ello der!" Louis says to me. 

     You're already weird enough, Lou.

      "Have I ever told you that I love British accents." I say to Louis, cocking my head to the right side, as if that it'll make me seem more interesting. 

        ", but you have got quite a stunning Aussie accent, don't ya Love?" 

      I blushed, once more flattered. Gosh, these boys are just making me as red as a fire truck. 

       Louis walked down the steps.

      "i was thinking that we could do a movie and have some dinner?" He says, more like a question though.

        I nodded my head, "yes." 

       I suddenly feel tired. I guess somehow, the energy I had got knocked out of me. We walked to the living room. Me, trailing behind him. 

     I guess he heard the tired tone in my voice b/c he asked me what is wrong. 

   "Nothing. Just tired from work." I answered. 

   "Hey, you have any sweats that I can borrow? You probably don't have any girl clothes but I don't feel like going home to change." I whined lazily. 

     He looked at me and answered, diverting his attention from the DVD Player remote.

    "Yeah sure! I have an old T-shirts and a pair of sweatpants," Louis says, helpfully. 

     I don't know if I should do that. well, if we're going to be anywhere near friends, I need to be comfortable around him so, ok. 


sorry guys, its not too long but I got tired so see ya! BAI



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