Hogwarts-Third Year

Amy Matthews, a girl in Harry Potter's year, tells the events of the Prisoner of Azkaban from her perspective.


6. The Wardrobe

Malfoy swaggered in the middle of double Potions on Thursday morning, looking smug. His arm probably didn't even hurt, Amy thought, he's just putting it on to get sympathy from Pansy Parkinson. Malfoy made Harry and Ron cut up the daisy roots and skin the Shrivelfig, as he said he couldn't use his arm.

Defence of the Dark Arts was an interesting lesson; for a start Professor Lupin looked very tatty and vague as he walked into the classroom. He told the class to put away their textbooks and whip out their wands. Amy got nervous; did this mean they'd be facing something awful?

Lupin left the classroom and led them into the staff room, where they found Professor Snape lurking. Snape swept out the classroom, slamming the door with a snap. 

"Neville Longbottom, I hope you will assist me in a demonstration," Lupin said, with confidence. Neville looked mortified, then horrified as the wardrobe in the corner gave a wobble.

"Nothing to worry about," Lupin said, still smiling. "It's just a Boggart,"

"A Boggart?!" Amy whispered to Darren, looking alarmed; Boggarts were a creature that took form of your worst fear. Her dad had found one once, and it took the shape of an evil clown, which he was most frightened of.

Lupin muttered instructions to Neville, and then opened the wardrobe. Out stepped Professor Snape, looking sinister and angry. Neville shouted 'Riddukulus!' and Snape's clothes changed into a disgusting green cloak with a hawk on his hat. The class burst out laughing.

"Form a queue!" shouted Lupin. The class shoved people forward, so it ended up that Parvati Patil was at the front. Her Boggart took the shape of a bandaged mummy, which was moving towards her.

'Riddikulus!' she squeaked. The mummy's bandages fell off. Seamus Finnigan went next; his fear was a horrible looking woman; a banshee. Seamus shouted the incantation, and the banshee lost it's voice.

Darren went after Seamus; his Boggart transformed into a humongous rat, (which then chased it's tail after he said Riddikulus). 

Ron Weasley went next; the rat transformed into a massive, hairy spider, which caused quite a few people to scream. It's legs then disappeared, and it rolled around the floor. It was Harry Potter's turn after Ron, but he was stopped by Professor Lupin, who's Boggart was a silver orb. He finished it off, leaving the rest of the class a bit disappointed.

"Homework; read the chapter on Boggarts and summarise for me," Lupin said cheerfully. "To be handed in on Monday! Class dismissed!" 

"Did you see me fight that Boggart?!" Darren said gleefully, as he walked to the Great Hall with Jenna and Amy. "It was horrifying, but I still beat it!"

"I wish I had gotten to fight my Boggart," Jenna moaned. "I wanna know what it would be!"

Amy stayed quiet; she knew what her Boggart would be: Sirius Black. He was a very real threat, much unlike everyone else's fears. Black was a danger to everyone in this castle and outside of it. 

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