Hogwarts-Third Year

Amy Matthews, a girl in Harry Potter's year, tells the events of the Prisoner of Azkaban from her perspective.


3. The Train

It was two days before Henry and Jasmine decided to come back and get Amy. Amy had been distraught, when she thought they had left her forever, and she didn't have any of her Hogwarts possessions. Her cousins picked her up from the Leaky Cauldron without even saying sorry. At least Amy had her shopping from a few days ago. 

Her brothers looked worried when Amy arrived back in Little Hangleton, where Henry and Jasmine live. Emily, her second cousin, just burst out laughing at the sight of Amy. Amy erupted into tears, and ran up to her brother's bedroom. 

Charlie came upstairs later on to console her. He told her that he'd been shouting to get her back for ages, even on the car ride home from Diagon Alley the first time. Adam and Jake came in later, to tell her that they'd be going to Hogwarts in four days, so she'd better start packing. This did cheer Amy up; her friends Jenna and Darren would be at Hogwarts. Gabe, Ernie and the rest of the wonderful school.

She spent the next three days packing for Hogwarts, making sure Emily caught her at least twice a day putting her spell books into her trunk. Amy was most excited about going back to lessons, to start her new subjects; Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. She wondered how her friends were getting on; Jasmine had banned sending letters by owl, but Amy managed to sneak Avis out at the crack of dawn with letters to Jenna and Darren explaining why she wouldn't write over the summer.

The dawn of the 1st of September was a bright and early one; Amy woke at 5 in the morning, making sure she had packed everything, right down to the last pair of socks. Emily woke up a few hours later, looking at Amy very angrily. Amy just grinned broadly at her. She was going to Hogwarts, not Emily, no matter how much her second cousin tried to ruin her summer.

They arrived at 10:42am at King's Cross Station. The place was packed with Muggles, of course, but she could still pick out some wizarding families, even if they were in Muggle clothing. She could see the Patil family, as their parent's clothes were a bit odd, and she could spot Danielle from her dormitory.

All of her possessions were piled upon a trolley, and she casually strolled up to the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10, to arrive at Platform 9 and 3/4. Amy grinned at the scarlet steam engine; she was going home, her real home. She just wished she could see her parents before she left...

Amy rushed to find a compartment, and being one of the first to board the train, she found one easily enough. Ten minutes later, Darren poked his head in the door, and sat opposite to Amy. Jenna came in a while later, looking flustered. She didn't say why.

No one's appearance had changed much; Darren still had scruffy black hair and was skinny; Jenna had short, curly blonde hair and was short. Amy's long brown hair was getting out of hand, which is why she had taken to plaiting her hair back.

"How was your summer?" Jenna asked absent mindedly.

"Not bad, I mean, my cousins left me in the Leaky Cauldron for two days, but I had the key to Gringotts, and I got a nice birthday present from my dad," Amy replied irritably.

"They left you?!" Darren exclaimed, looking a little bit disgusted.

"Yeah, but I had money to buy anything I wanted, so it was okay," said Amy.

The trio spent the rest of the trip talking about their summer holidays, Quidditch and other random stuff, like what subjects they took. They stopped talking when the steam engine began to slow down. 

"Guys, we can't be here yet!" Jenna said. Amy got up and checked outside the compartment; there was nothing there. Suddenly, the train rocked back and forth; the windows became icy and cold. The lights went out, and there was shouts from down the corridor.

"I think someone's boarding the train," Amy whispered. She crept back inside the compartment and waited breathlessly for everything to be all right again; Amy felt despair and sadness. Her eyes widened as a creature in a black cloak swooped past their compartment... it was going into the one next door!

Everything was silent. No one would speak with this hooded thing on board. Misery rippled through the air, until a bright blue light shone, and something thudded to the floor next door. The beast was driven out of a window in the corridor. Lights began to flicker back on.

"What the hell was that?!" bellowed Darren, looking bewildered.


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