Hogwarts-Third Year

Amy Matthews, a girl in Harry Potter's year, tells the events of the Prisoner of Azkaban from her perspective.


4. Tea Leaves

The train really did slow to a stop, to let the students leap off the train and jump into a carriage pulled by invisible beings. Rain soaked everyone to the bone, and they were glad to get inside the warm, welcoming Great Hall. 

Dumbledore walked up to his 'speech podium' as Amy liked to call it, which was decorated with a large golden owl. He droned on about the Dementors guarding the school, which brought Amy back down to earth; Dementors? Here? Why? Then, she remembered, Sirius Black was outside these walls somewhere, hunting down his old master, wishing to join him...

Dumbledore then announced two new staff changes; Professor Lupin would be taking Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Rubeus Hagrid would be taking Care of Magical Creatures; Amy and Jenna glanced at each other. Wasn't Hagrid sent to Azkaban last year, because they thought he had sent a first year into the Chamber of Secrets?

As everyone applauded the new teacher, Amy noticed Professor Snape at the staff table; was it just her, or did he stare at Lupin with a look of disgust upon his face? Actually, Snape did hate almost every teacher, so it's not that surprising.

"Off you go to bed then!" Dumbledore said cheerily. "Don't want you all tired for the morning!" 

The entire school shuffled towards the exit, the confused little first years wandering about looking for help, and the rest of the school wanting to get into the warm, four poster beds. 

Amy clambered into the Hufflepuff common room and made a beeline for the tunnel leading to her dormitory. She arrived in their first, and found all her stuff waiting for her next to the bed she would sleep on for the next year. Immediately, Amy drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

Jenna awoke her the next morning with a start; it was nearly breakfast time. Amy sleepily got dressed into her uniform and trudged down the tunnel to the common room, where Darren and Gabe were waiting for her and Jenna.

"We're probably starting some new lessons today!" Gabe said excitedly. The group ambled down the Great Hall, where breakfast was waiting for them. They were the first ones to arrive at the Hufflepuff table. Amy gulped down some tea and nibbled on a biscuit. 

When a few more people had turned up, owls started pouring in from the ceiling, delivering presents and letter to the students. A small tawny owl landed in front of Jenna, carrying an issue of the Daily Prophet and a pouch. She put two Knuts in the pouch and the owl flew away.

"Anything in there?" Darren asked, whilst munching on a piece of toast.

"No, nothing," Jenna muttered, folding the newspaper and chucking it in her bag. Professor Sprout approached them with their timetables. Amy and Darren had Divination first, and Jenna had Arithmancy. 

"Where the hell is this place?" Amy panted, as they climbed up the seventh floor. She spotted a spiral staircase, and took a guess that the lesson might be up here: they were going to be late either way.

There was a trapdoor above their heads, which they lodged open, to find a dark red classroom, that was heavily perfumed. It was filled with around 20 pouffes and little tables, with dusty shelves filled with ugly teapots and teacups. 

"You may sit," came a voice, which must have been Professor Trelawney. She was very thin, draped in shawls and had massive glasses which covered most of her face. Amy and Darren hurriedly sat down at a table as far away as possible.

Professor Trelawney gave an introductory speech about how difficult Divination was and how very few of the students would have the Inner Eye. She said for them to get a teacup, fill it with tea and drink until only the dregs remain. Then, observe your Unfogging the Future books, pages 5 and 6, to interpret the patterns.

"Right, Amy let's see what you've got!" Darren chuckled as he swirled the tea as Trelawney had instructed. "You've got a sort of lion, which means you're going to... be brave at some point in the next week!"

"And you have a leaf, so you're falling over in the next month," Amy stifled a laugh. How ridiculous.

Professor Trelawney gave a horrible gasp at Harry Potter's cup. "My dear," she said spookily. "You have- the Grim!"

Amy gave a yelp of horror; the Grim was the worst omen of death. Of course, Divination was a load of old rubbish, as Charlie always said, but was it?

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