Hogwarts-Third Year

Amy Matthews, a girl in Harry Potter's year, tells the events of the Prisoner of Azkaban from her perspective.


1. Birthday Surprises

Amy Matthews sat in the wardrobe at the dead of night, trying to complete a devilish essay for her awful teacher. If her second cousin caught her doing her homework for school, she'd surely destroy it, as she was a jealous Squib that had to go to Muggle school. Amy, on the other hand, was a witch, who went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The sun had began to rise as Amy got back into bed, having finishing the essay for Professor Binns, the teacher for History of Magic. At the other side of the room, she could see her second cousin's stomach rising slowly up and down. Emily was snoring slightly as she turned over in her bed. 

In the next room she could hear her brothers whispering, as dawn broke out. Jake was to get his O.W.L. results any day soon, as he did actually have to do his exams, as the O.W.L. ones mattered in the wizarding world. Charlie and Adam were going into their fourth year, and Jake into his sixth.

Amy was starting her third year at Hogwarts, which meant she could go into Hogsmeade, if Henry and Jasmine. (her cousins) allowed her to. She decided she would write to her father, asking for permission, as Amy knew Jake kept in correspondence with their father regularly, but signed all the sibling's names at the bottom.

Tomorrow was to be Amy's birthday; the 28th of July. She wasn't really fussed about becoming 13, as it was just one step closer to being an adult, which meant leaving Hogwarts. Yet, she was still wondering what she'd get from her dad, her brothers, Jenna and Darren. Amy hoped she'd get some chocolate, as that was disallowed in her cousin's house, because Jasmine was on a diet.

Henry and Jasmine also disliked using magic with Emily in the house, seeing as she would never be able to perform magic, so everything around the house took twice as long as it should, like cooking the dinner, and folding the laundry, or doing anything properly. 

Amy spent the rest of the day laying on her bed, watching her second cousin play with her little rabbit named Binky. Binky was a brown and white rabbit with floppy ears, that Amy secretly thought was cute, although she never told Emily this. Amy was jealous that Emily had gotten this for her 13th birthday, during the Easter holidays.

On the morning of Amy's birthday, she woke up with a jolt; her brother Charlie was shaking her awake. He held the front page of the Daily Prophet in his hand, waving it in front of her face. The page read: SIRIUS BLACK ESCAPED AZKABAN PRISON.

Amy gasped, and then fell into her big brother's arms. She had always hated Black, as Jake, Charlie and Adam used to taunt her about him when she was little, and she had been terrified ever since. Amy never thought he would actually escape, and be on the run... but what for?

"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay, Amy, he won't find us, or even be able to get near us when we're at Hogwarts," Charlie said reassuringly. "Come to our room, so we don't wake up the brat,"

Emily was still snoring in her sleep as Charlie and Amy tiptoed out of the room, and into the boy's one. Jake, Adam and Charlie's room was a nice pale blue, with a bunk bed for the twins and a normal bed for Jake.

"What I don't understand is why he's broken out!" Adam blurted out, even though he was deep in thought.

"I think I know why," Amy said quietly.

"Why?" demanded Adam.

"Because of Harry Potter, who brought about the downfall of his master,You-Know-Who," Amy said shakily.

"Black must have wanted to rejoin his master in pursuit for Harry Potter," Jake said thoughtfully. "I'll write to Dad asking about it,"

"Could you attach this note as well, I need him to sign the Hogsmeade thing," Amy said, a bit more cheerfully.

"Anyway, Amy, wanna see what you got for your birthday?!" Charlie exclaimed. From under his bed he produced a large pile of sweets and a bulky, yellow box with a black ribbon, supposedly for Hufflepuff colours. The sweets were from all three of her brothers, and the box probably from her father, as Henry and Jasmine would never get her anything.

"Open it then!" bellowed Adam. Carefully, Amy undid the bow to find a brand new golden cage for her owl, Avis,piles of new clothes and a modern navy blue satchel, which was decorated with Hippogriffs . She gasped at the sight of the gifts; how did her father afford all that?

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