Life of an Avatar

Nicole Umbrage was adopted at the age of 10 and went 18 years without knowing what she really was until she met him. She was thrown into the world of bending that was totally different then the life she's used to. Secrets are revealed and love is destroyed.


4. chapter 4

The next day Isaac and I left my Dad at my apartment again by himself and headed for OKC to meet Sage, my biological mother. "2 hours left. Still nervous?" Isaac asked turning the radio down. "Extremely. I just don't know what to say."

"Well, first say "Hello, I'm Nicole Umbrage." Duh!"

"REALLY?!?! Thanks for the help."

"Glad I can help!"

"When should I tell her who I really am?"

"When she tries shutting the door."

2 hours passed by extremely fast I blinked once and we were pulling into Sage's house. It was beautiful. The house was painted white with a black metal roof and all the window panes and the door were a light blue including the porches wood rails. He parked the car and turned it off. We slowly got out and walked up the cement drive lined with beautiful flowers and walked up the stairs then I reached out a shaky hand and slowly pressed the metal door bell button in and waited.

"Who is it?" She sound like me but a little more high pitched. "Nicole Umbrage." I answered back. The door slowly opened, "I don't know any-" she stopped and looked at me. She had short golden blonde hair with a few strands of gray and she was in jeans an old faded band t-shirt with bare feet and an apron around her waist. Her green eyes board into mine and they filled with tears. "Come in." She moved to the side and let me and Isaac in, "I'm Sage but I guess you know that since you came to see me and not the other way around." She rambles when she's nervous just like I do. Now I know who I got it from. "I'm Nicole and this is my friend Isaac." I smiled. She smiled back; same smile as I have. "I know who you really are, sweetie." Sage smiled. "Yes, I could tell you did. I'm Raven. Your daughter."

She shook her head, "I told Ethan to keep you out of this world as best as he could."

"Ma'am, I'm Isaac, I work for Ethan and he tried but your clan wants her for evil and we wanted to try her for good to protect the world not destroy it like your clan wants." Isaac butted in. "I am not in a clan, boy. My father is leader of the Nata clan, yes. But that does not mean I am in that clan. I am not a bender and I will never be in that clan. Ever." Sage glared at Isaac as he nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

"I'm the Avatar, Sage." I simply said. "Yes, I figured you would be considering what I was told and have been reading about."

"What have you been reading?" She walked to a book shelf in her living room which was decorated in pictures of me when I was a baby and of Sage and Ethan's wedding day and pictures of them. The furniture was a bright yellow with white walls with a Tv mounted on the wall with crosses and pictures surrounding it.

She pulled a huge book out of the many books she had and opened it to a certain page. She handed me the book and nodded toward the passage. I looked down and read, "'The Avatar will be born unto this Earth every 100 years. No matter if the previous Avatar is dead or still living.'" I made a face, how did this tell her I was the avatar? "You were born exactly 100 years after the previous Avatar."

"That could have been a coincidence though." Isaac added. "That is true, boy. But when she bended a few days later when I was giving her a bath then bended all the elements a few days after that. That's when we knew we had to do what was best." Sage gave me a sad look. "Yeah, "kill me". Give me up for adoption. And never make any contact with me or anything." I grumbled. Isaac rubbed my back. "We didn't want my father using you for evil." Sage whispered, sadly. I nodded. "Isaac, were you the one Ethan told to tell Nicole what she was?" Sage asked flipping through the pages of the book. "Yes, ma'am." Isaac curiously looked at her. She stopped flipping the pages and slightly smiled, "I knew it."

"Knew what, Sage?" I asked starting to read the passage. She read it out-loud, "'Each Avatar has an anchor that is also their protector. The Avatar would give up their life for their protector and vise versa. A protector is like a mate to the Avatar. They will fall in love and protect each other through every down fall.' Isaac, you're-"

"I knew she'd be here." A deep gruff voice said from behind us. Sage looked up and gulped, "Hello, father." I turned around and saw the man from my past.

Buzzed black hair with kaleidoscope eyes and a big nose along with a mustache. He was tall and buff with a cut off shirt on and shorts a huge falcon was on his shoulder. "Who are you two?" He asked advancing toward us. "I-I am Nicole Umbrage and this is my friend Isaac." I stuttered. Isaac's eyes shifted to plain red. "Ah, a fire bender. You must be from the Rosa clan. Because I have never seen you before. And you, Nicole, you must be in the Rosa clan as well." He looked at me. "I am not in a clan at all. I'm a newly discovered bender." I slowly said. "Oh! Well I am Preston. I am Sage's father and leader of the Nata clan."

"I am Nicole Umbrage and I am the Avatar."

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