Life of an Avatar

Nicole Umbrage was adopted at the age of 10 and went 18 years without knowing what she really was until she met him. She was thrown into the world of bending that was totally different then the life she's used to. Secrets are revealed and love is destroyed.


3. Chapter 3

I boarded the private jet and closed my eyes as I put my head in my hands. This isn't happening. I'm just dreaming. If I was dreaming why was everything so real? I started shaking and felt the tears drain from my eyes again.

Isaac rubbed my back as the jet took off and flew towards Stacy. "Do you think it was the Nata Clan?" I asked as I slowly looked at him with my blood shot eyes. "That's a possibility. But I don't know how they would know where your parents are."

"Unless y'all have a snitch in your clan."

"I don't think we do but that's a theory."

"What if they're dead?" My voice shook and barely got the last word out. "Don't think like that." Isaac stroked my hair and held me close. "But it could be possible. They could have died. What will I do? My parents will be dead."

"Your adoptive parents."

"No. Ethan and Sage are not my parents. They are strangers to me."

"I understand."

About 2 hours later we were over Stacy. "We can't let you off at the airport because there isn't one anymore. You're gonna have to climb down the ladder." The pilot told us over the intercom. Isaac opened the door and threw down the rope ladder.

We weren't high off the ground so it didn't take long to climb down when we were down the jet left us for a nearby airport. The town was destroyed. The sign at the beginning of the town wasn't there anymore it was just a wooden pile on the ground. We walked on the cracked and broken road into the town. I looked around with memories of the original town in my eyes instead of the image I was seeing. Where the hospital used to be it was just rock, glass, and broken metal rods and water pipes with a few electoral wires poking out. Where the playground used to be was just broken metal rods and plastic. I stopped at the high school and just cried. My old high school. The one with my memories was gone. Nothing but rock. Isaac held my hand as I cried and forced me to walk more into the town. We walked down the road I drove every day to my house.

I was dreading seeing my house. After a few more minutes of walking I saw it. The beautiful 2 story red brick with bright blue curtains and a eye catching red door was gone. Brick and glass lay in it's place. I fell to my knees and cried.

"Nicole?" I looked up and saw my father. His arm was casted and he has a few stitches on his forehead. I jumped up and hugged him tight, "I was so scared I had lost you. Where's mom?" Dad pulled out of the hug, "Nichole, sweetie-"

"No. She's not gone! SHE CANT BE!!!!" I started screaming. My dad looked down as tears poured from his eyes. I started screaming and crying as Isaac tried calming me down. Dad pulled me into a tight hug as we both cried. After a few minutes of us crying together Isaac touched my arm and his hands were extremely hot!

"OW, Isaac!" I yelled. He nodded toward a guy walking down the broken street with a women, probably his wife, and they were just looking.

Probably helpers to clean up then I noticed something.

The falcon on their arms.

The Nata clan tattoo.

"What's going on? Who are you?" My father turned to Isaac. "Dad, this is Isaac. Stay here and just look through the rubble. Isaac and I will be rights back." I grabbed Isaac's forearm and dragged him off toward the direction of the Nata members. We followed them until we got to an area no one was in. "Ah, look, honey, young teenagers following us." The man said. "Ah, yes. Too bad we'll have to teach them a lesson." The women said as they turned around and faced us. Isaac stood his ground with his eyes dark red and his hands on fire, "I am a member of the Rosha clan." The man's eyes changed to full brown, "I see. I am Grant and this is my lovely wife Natalia." Her eyes changed to white which made her look extra creepy, "Pleasure to meet you."

Isaac rolled his eyes, "Leave now. Before we hurt you."

"Fine. We'll leave. Our damage has been done. Have you seem this town? Looks better after I destroyed it." Grant looked around with a smirk. That set me off.

Now, let me remind you. I don't have control over my bending yet so it's horrible.

I felt my pulse rise and my eyes shift quickly, "You did this to my town?!"

Grant looked at me with wide eyes, "Natalia, her eyes aren't a solid color."

"And did she say HER town?" Natalia grimaced. I smirked, "I'm Nicole Sarah Umbrage and I AM the avatar."

Grant and Natalia backed up but I raised the ground behind them and blocked the way out creating a burial of rock around us 4. "You will NOT be leaving." I growled as surrounded them with fire. Grant raised his hands to bend but Natalia stopped him, "Edmund said no harming the avatar!"

"I won't harm her I'll harm him!" With that he aimed rocks at Isaac but I protected him with a wall of rock. I froze them.

I created a frozen coffin around the married couple. They were frozen and were never unfreezing.

I lowered the rock wall around us and put out the fire that was surrounding them. I let my elements dispose and fell to my knees, "He's the reason my mom is dead."

Isaac took a knee and helped me up, "Let's go help your father." We turned around and there was my father. He had just witnessed everything and now I was going to have to explain to him what I was, what Isaac is, and what I'm destined for.

After about 3 hours of sitting in a shelter that they had set up for victims and explaining what Isaac and I was and what I was destined for.

"So your name is...?" I looked at my father when he finally spoke, "Raven Ella Stineman. But I still go by Nicole Sara Umbrage."


"Because the people that gave me up for adoption are not my parents. You are my true father and mother is my true mother."

"Have you met your biological mother?"

"No but I have met my biological father. He is leader of the element clan I'm joining."

"Will you show me again?"

I nodded and raised my hand showing my father a bubble of floating water. Dad watched in amazement. I dismissed the water and held my Dad's non-casted hand, "You can come back to Norman with me and stay with me for awhile until you can get a house."

"Your mother's funeral is in 2 days in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I will come with you but I will find a house quickly." I hugged him tight, "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Nicole."

3 hours later we were walking into my apartment. Dad looked around in awe, "It's beautiful. You have your mother's style."

"Mom always told me that," I smiled getting a bottle of water out of the fridge, "I have to go Stillwater. There's a pullout bed in the couch if you get tired before I come back."

He nodded, "The phone book is by the home phone incase you want to order pizza and my phone charger is in my room by my bed if you need to charge your phone-"

"Nicole, I can handle myself I'm a grown man." Dad cut me off with laughter. Isaac nodded, "Nicole, he can handle himself." I nodded and hugged my Dad, "I'll be back soon. I love you."

"I love you too, I'll be here when you get back."

Isaac and I left my broken father in my apartment and made our way down to Isaac's car. When we got in Isaac looked at me, "Are you okay? Yeah, that was stupid to ask. You aren't okay. You just lost your mother-" I cut him off with a quick kiss, "Shut up and drive." He sat there stunned but shook his head and drove to Rosta's clan house.

When we pulled in I asked him, "Will it be possible to meet my mother?"

Isaac's eyes got wide, "Like...go into the Nata clan's house and see the leader's daughter....?"


"Well I don't know. Usually people that go over there DONT COME BACK!"

"I was just wondering! Geesh!!"

We got out and went into the house and toward Ethan's office. I opened the door and saw my biological father at his desk on his computer. "How is Samuel?" He asked when he looked up at me. "He's good. A broken arm and a gash on his forehead. My mother is not so lucky." I answered. "I'm sorry about her."

I sat down in the seat across from him, "I want to meet my biological mother."

Isaac groaned behind me. Ethan looked from me to Isaac then back at me again and he nodded, "I suppose that's understandable. Isaac will go with you." Isaac choked on air, "Sir, that's the Nata territory. I could get killed! So could Nicole!"

"Sage lives 3 hours from here in OKC on the outskirts of it not the Nata territory part." Ethan leaned back in his chair. "We'll go tomorrow. What is her address?" I asked.

"22 Espree loop." He said as he wrote it down and handed it to me. "She's not a bender, Nicole, and she'll get very upset when she sees you because you were never supposed to be brought back into this world." Ethan gave me a pained look. He still loved her. I could tell by his eyes. "I won't do anything to hurt her. I promise."

"Thank you." When he said that Isaac and I were already out the door. When we got into Isaac's car he turned to me and asked, "Are you nervous about meeting her?"

"Yes. Very very nervous."

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