Life of an Avatar

Nicole Umbrage was adopted at the age of 10 and went 18 years without knowing what she really was until she met him. She was thrown into the world of bending that was totally different then the life she's used to. Secrets are revealed and love is destroyed.


2. chapter 2

I woke up and showered. The shower felt so good but all the water was floating around when I tried bending it so I just stopped trying and took an enjoyable shower. When I got out I braided my hair and put on undergarments and running shorts and a tank top then my running shoes. I went into the living room and saw Isaac passed out on my couch.

I shook him awake, "Isaac, wake up!"

"What time is it?" He grumbled. "9:30!"

"In the morning?"


"Usually I don't wake up until 10!"

"So you have afternoon classes?"

"Yeah at 10:30 until 4." He stood up and stretched his shift raising up when he raised his arm. I bit my lip and went into the kitchen, "Do you want anything for breakfast?"

"No, it's fine. Someone in my clan can make you breakfast they cook amazingly. We're gonna run by my house first though." I nodded as he put his shoes on. I grabbed my phone as did he and his stuff and out the door we went.

His apartment building was amazing. It was 10 stories high with bright gold paint and clean and fixed windows everywhere. He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the first door then we got into an elevator and went to the 10th floor. "It's so beautiful." I gasped as the elevator opened to the huge apartment. It was like a pint house in a hotel but prettier.

The furniture was all white and gold and the kitchen had stainless steel appliances. There was a wrap around balcony with an amazing view. "This is beautiful." I looked at him and felt for his hand and when I felt it I slid my hand in to it. He smiled slyly, "I'm gonna go change and then we'll head to my clan house."

"Okie dokie."

"Make yourself at home. Sit on my couch and watch TV." With that he went into a separate room and shut the door. I sat on the couch and looked around.

The 52' TV was in a dark solid wood entertainment center with movies in the cabinets and pictures of his family on either side of the TV. I stood up and picked up one of the pictures. His mother and father looked like a friendly couple. The picture was of Isaac and his parents at a beach. Isaac was at least 13 in jeans and a white button up shirt. His mom was a tall red headed beautiful women with bright green eyes and freckles on her face and arms, she had thick lips and a small nose. She was in a long white dress that made her look extremely skinny even though she was.

His dad was the same height as his mom but he was bald with a blue eyes and has thin lips with a medium sized nose. He was muscled in his white button up shirt and jeans.

I smiled at how happy they looked and felt an arm around my waist, "They're amazing parents." I smiled at Isaac, "Do they know about your bending?"

"No and they won't know. I don't want to stress them out." Isaac was changed into black basketball shorts and a red man tank top and a pair of high top black converse.

"Let's go." He lead me back the way we came then behind the building to a parking lot and to a black 2014 Ford Charger. Isaac opened the door for me and I slid in to the amazing leathered seats and looked around the hot car. Isaac shut the door then got in and we drove off. Toward a different town...

"Where are we going?" I slowly asked as I looked out the window as Norman flew by. "Stillwater! It's an hour and half away. We'll get there in no time. Let's talk and the time we go faster."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Each other. 20 questions?"


"You start?"

"When was your first kiss?"

"I was 13 it was at a movie with my first ever girlfriend we lasted 3 weeks!" We both laughed.

"Victoria Secret or another store?" I laughed at that question, "Victoria secret," I thought about a question and before I could stop myself I blurted it out, "are you a Virgin?"

He shook his head, "No, I lost when I was 17. You?"

"I've never even had my first kiss and I'm still a virgin."

"That surprises me. I thought you would have been that girl that had all the boys throwing themselves are you!"

"No I focused on grades and getting myself through high school I certainly didn't want to date someone from my high school!"

We just sat there and talked forever About one another we had so much in common and he's such a sweetie! We pulled up to a huge old looking gray house and he parked the car and we got out and went to the front door.

"Before you go in just know my clan isn't the nicest to newcomers. Just ignore their sarcastic remarks or tons." Isaac held my hand and opened the door. I looked around the beautiful house and was amazed.

The walls were a pearl color with pictures of flowers hanging around the front hall. There was a grand stair case a few feet away that spiraled up the first and 2nd floor up to a 3rd floor. "How do you get to he 2nd floor?" I whispered. Isaac laughed and before he could answer a sharp female voice answered, "There's an opening on the stairs for the exit." I looked around and spotted her. She was short yet muscled with long white dyed hair pulled back in a tight pony tail with a pound of make up on making her skin ton dark just on her face but pale on her neck and her other exposed skin and of course kaleidoscope eyes. She was in skin tight pants with a black tight shirt on that made her boobs look they were about to pop out for God and everyone to see.

"Egypt, this is-" she but Isaac off, "Nicole Umbrage. Trust me I know VERY well who she is. Probably better than her."

"I resent that. I know myself very well." I shouted at her, Isaac's hand tightened on mine and he whispered harshly, "Nicole!"

"No, no, no, Isaac, let me have a go at her," Egypt silenced Isaac, "I know who your mother and father were. Your real ones. I know what you're capable of. I know why you were put up for adoption. I-"

"Enough, Egypt!" A man yelled as he walked down the stairs. He was bald and gruff looking with bulky muscles, kaleidoscope eyes, and he was in red basketball shorts along with a black tank top. "Yes, sir." Egypt stood still but gave me a look.

"I'm Ethan. Leader of this clan. I bend earth. This is my sister, Egypt, she's an air bender," Ethan greeted me, "I'm sure Isaac has told you all about what we are and what you are." I nodded, "Yes, sir, he has."

"Isaac will give you a tour and take you to Elisa, who will give you your memory back."

Isaac nodded at Ethan, "Yes, sir." And off we went. Isaac lead me up the stairs and on to the 2nd floor, "I'm gonna take you to gallery of past avatars."

"Okie dokie." He led me to set of huge wooden double doors with golden door knobs. He pushed the huge doors open and guided me inside. There was so many portraits of men and women on the long 4 walls.

"My face will be in here one day.." I trailed off.

"When you die it will be in here." Isaac continued what I was gonna say. I looked at him, "What exactly am I supposed to do?"

"The Nata Clan want to destroy the world as I have told you. You're supposed to protect the innocent people from harm."

"How? I can barely even bend water, my natural element, let alone other elements!"

Isaac rubbed my arms, "I have faith in you, Nicole. I really do. I know I've only known you for a day but I know that you're the most powerful bender I know and I'm not just saying that cause you're the avatar I'm saying that because I know you are. I can feel it every time I touch you. Your veins pump water, fire, earth, and air. You're destined to succeed and I believe you will." I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight and whispered in his ear, "Thank you." He hugged back, "I'm always here for you." The embrace ended and we walked down the long, huge room. He pointed out different Avatars telling me what they did.

After an hour of us doing that we left the room and headed up to the 3rd floor. There we went down the black creaky hall and went into a small open room with a small white couch in the middle of the room on top of a bright red rug. "No one is home we should go!" I tried leaving but Isaac blocked me and sat me on the couch, "Elisa, it's me Isaac!"

A tall, lean lady with beautiful short brown hair that was down and curled with kaleidoscope eyes and in a long plain blue dress that clung to her body and no shoes came out of nowhere, "Hello, Isaac." Her voice was like silk but it echoed in my head. He bowed, "Hello, Elisa, this is-"

""Nicole Sara Umbrage". 18 years old. Attends OU in Norman and is an A student while majoring in the study of science. Adopted by Christa and Jameson Umbrage when she was 10," Elisa examined me, "am I wrong?"

"No. Why did you put quotation marks around my name?" I asked watching every move she made ready to strike if need be. "That is not your true name. Your actual parents gave you a name."

"What is it?"

"Would you like to know?"

"I just asked, didn't I?"

She let out a dry laugh, "Yes. You did." She touched my forehead and I blacked out.

Images swarmed into my head. Mercy Hospital in Charlestown, South Carolina. A man and women in a delivery room. The women had long golden hair like mine but she did not have kaleidoscope she had bright green eyes with a small nose and thick lips. The male looked a lot like.... Ethan. My father was Ethan.

The image shifted and I was in a room with Ethan, the women, baby me, and a tall dark man that was screaming at them. He had kaleidoscope eyes and was giving my father a look while my mother cried. Baby me was in a carrier bawling her eyes out while this man screamed at my mother about how she was a traitor to her clan even though she wasn't a bender. The man that was screaming at them has a large falcon on the top of his broad shoulder.

Nata clan!

The image shifted and I was at a grave sight. The tombstone read: "Raven Ella Stineman. 7/4/94-7/25/94. Beloved daughter."

I was confused.. Who died? "This is what is best, Sage, it'll convince your father that she is dead." Ethan comforted my mother and she nodded, "I know. I know a good family will adopt her and I know that she will never be in the bending world and I want that to remain, Ethan, you hear me?" My mother gave my father a loving look, "Yes, sweetie, I hear you. It will never happen. I promise." "I think it's best father thinks she died burning from her fire bending powers than her being alive and him knowing and tracking her down." Mother held Ethan's hand. "I don't think she's just a bender, Sage."

"She's nothing else because she will never be brought back into the bending world."

"I know I'm just pointing out my opinion."

"Keep it to yourself, Ethan. She's not a bender. She will never be a bender because she will never know about this world. EVER."

The image shifted and I was in the ugly room on the white couch with Elisa and Isaac looking at me. "Is that all true?" I whispered toward Elisa. She nodded, "Every bit of it."

"I have to talk to Ethan, Isaac. Now!" I stood up and walked out of the room. I ran down the stairs with Isaac on my heels. "Which way is his office?" I asked.

"To the right. 4th door on the right!" Isaac breathed heavily and then I was off again to Ethan's office and barged in with Isaac behind me, "NICOLE!!! Kno-" Ethan looked up from his paper work and smiled, "Hello, Nicole, Isaac." Egypt looked up at me from a clipboard.

"I need to talk to you." I said sternly. Ethan nodded, "Leave us alone, please." Isaac and Egypt left the room closing the door behind them. "What do you want to talk about?" Ethan asked leaning back in his chair. "You're my father." His smile disappeared and he leaned forward laying his arms on his desk and pressing his lips tightly together making them white. "And my mother was the daughter of the Nata clan leader. Y'all pretended that I died but really gave me up for adoption just to keep me out of the bending world. Why did you bring me back in to it? I could have avoided all this! I could be normal! But you're being selfish and going behind Sage's back! What happen to her anyway?"

"She lives with the Nata Clan. I brought you back so I could train you instead of Sage's father who would use you to control the world. Either way you would have been brought back into the bending world either good or bad. The Nata clan figured out that the Avatar had been born and was at least 18 or 19 and in college. They were searching for you. I wanted you to be a good person and not a bad person like them and destroy the world, including the couple that raised you."

"Why didn't you tell me when I first got here that I was your daughter?"

"Because I knew if I did you would be scared away and not believe me. But if Elisa let you remember it all then you wouldn't be scared and you would believe me."

"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME SOONER?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and slammed my fists on his desk causing fire, air, and water to erupt from my hands and the ground to shake.

Ethan stood up as the eruption grew and the shaking got worse, "Nicole, Calm down!"

"I'm trying!" I started crying as it got worse. "JUST LET GO! Don't hold anything in!"

I screamed and let everything go.

My stress. The weight on my shoulders about saving the world. The realization of my true identity.

I fell to the ground with tears running down my cheeks. Ethan helped me up, "You're welcome to stay here tonight."

"I need to go home and let my head clear." I mumbled. He nodded and the doors flew open. Isaac ran in and helped me stand straight, "Are you okay?"

"Im perfectly fine."

"Let's go, I'll take you home." I looked at Isaac with pain-filled eyes, "Are you gonna stay with me?"

Ethan gave me a look and opened his mouth but I cut him off, "Don't try acting like that now. It's been 18 years. You missed the chance to tell me what I can and can't do a long time ago. Goodbye, Ethan." I walked out of his office with Isaac trailing behind me. "What happen?" He asked when we got to his car. I got in as did he and sighed, "Elisa reveled some secrets that I didn't know and that I really needed to know a long time ago."

"Like?" He started the car and we embarked on our 1 and 1/2 journey to Norman. "I know who my real parents are and why I was put up for adoption."

"Tell me."

"Ethan and Sage are my real parents."

"Sage Langs? The leader of the Nata Clan's daughter?"


"Interesting. So, why were you put up for adoption?"

"Sage's father wanted to keep me there and train me to bend for them but Ethan wouldn't have that so they decided to kill me. Not literally obviously but they faked my death saying I was a fire bender and that I burned to death. Sage didn't want me to be in this world ever again but Ethan pulled me back in to it. The Nata clan figured out that the avatar had been born and was at least 18-19 attending college. He didn't want them to train me and I destroy everyone that cares about me."

Isaac nodded and I could tell the wheels in his head were turning and he was trying to comprehend all of what I just told him. "You understand?" I slowly asked. He nodded, "Ethan is your father. Your mom is part of the Nata clan and your grandfather is the Nata leader."


"And now they're trying to find you but your grandfather doesn't know he's looking for his supposed dead granddaughter."

"Yes." He ran a hand through his hair, "And when you got mad you started an earth quake and you started to control fire, water, and air."

"I suppose I did."

"Are you not freaking out?"

"I was but I let go when I had my Avatar attack."

"You were crying."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't cry."

Isaac gave me a look and laughed, "Yeah, okay, sweetie." I looked out the window and walked the buildings pass by. What I was going to do? I can't just jump into a relationship with my supposed father. My mother was in a different clan; the clan that want to use my powers for evil. Does she know I'm the avatar? Will she convince me to be in the Nata clan with her? How am I ever going to learn how to control my bending?

Isaac held my hand, "Calm down." I nodded trying to calm down but I couldn't, I couldn't just let go of my worries I don't know why I thought I could.

"OW, NICOLE!!!!" Isaac jerked his hand away and I noticed the color of my hands they were the colors they were in Ethan's office. The ground started shaking and Isaac pulled over, "Nicole, find an anchor. Anything. Anybody. Just something or someone that can keep you grounded to where when you think of them you calm down."

I hurried out of the car as I felt the bending get worse. I fell to the ground as it shook and screamed. An anchor. My adopted parents. Isaac. They were my anchors the couple that took me in when I was 10 and made me feel like I mattered to them for 8 years until I went off to college yet they still love me and the guy that I just met yesterday who has shown me the world I belong to and the people I belong with.

I let out another scream as fire, water, and air shot from my hands and the ground shook hard one last time. When it stopped I was laying on my side, curled up in a ball, shaking. The ground around me was burnt to a crisp and there was small flames on some places. Isaac used his bending to remove them from the ground and discard them. Isaac picked me up and carried me to the car, "Are you okay?" I tried nodding but just blacked out.

When I woke up, whenever that was, I was on a bed. I looked around and saw the sun peaking out through the curtains that covered a door that lead out to a balcony. The blanket that I was covered with was a crimson color along with the sheets and pulled cases. There was a flat screen tv hanging on the wall in front of the bed.

I rubbed my eyes and tried figuring out where I was. The last thing I remember was passing out in Isaac's arms after I exploded.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "Good afternoon, Sweetie." I opened my eyes and saw Isaac standing by the door. "Where am I?"

"My bedroom. I brought you here instead of taking a passed out girl to your apartment. They might have thought I did something to you."

I slightly chuckled, "Yeah. Most likely." I tried getting out of bed and just crumbled to the ground. Isaac helped me up, "You're weak. Very weak. You had 2 Avatar explosions in an hour time period."

"I'm hungry."

Isaac carried me to the living room and laid me on the couch, "What do you want to eat?"

"I don't care. Just food."

"Want me to cook you salmon?"

"Sure. With mashed potatoes though. And plenty of lemon!"

He began cooking it as I watched the news. A news reporter came on the screen and started talking about Earthquakes, "An Earthquake shook South Carolina," I sat up and stared at the tv, "in Stacy, South Carolina an earthquake destroyed the town to nothing but glass and wood chips. 458 are dead and 500 are severally injured."

I started screaming, "NO!" I searched for my phone and found it on the coffee table, I grabbed it, unlocked it, and dialed my mother's number. No answer. I called again and again. I called at least 30 times with no answer. So I tried my father. After 50 calls I got nothing.

I started crying and screaming, "This isn't happening!"

Isaac stroked my hair, "Ethan has a private Jet that can take us to them and we can see what's going on, wanna do that?"

I nodded, "Right now."

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