Split Second

A zombie apocalypse breaks out. Everyones dying, but some lucky people survive. Who knew there could be romance in a world where people are bing eaten to death and coming back to life.



The world has drastically changed over the past few years.

But let me begin at the very start.

I'm Alice, and I live the life I never thought I would. Its actually quite crazy.


I woke up, earlier than usual. Not long before my alarm was set. So I didn't see the point of going back to sleep. My mum had already left for work and I was left alone with my younger sister, Grace. She was only 6. A whole 11 years younger than I was and it was me who was responsible for her. My mum is great! No doubt about that. She's just never home. Always working her sickly low paid job. I wish she could find a better job - but she doesn't want to. I was thinking about getting a job myself, to help out. But no one would be able to take care of Grace. Quite frankly we dont have money for a babysitter. Therefore, I have no choice. 

I pulled myself out of bed, yawning and stretching. I dragged my feet towards Grace's bed, which was on the other side of the room. We had a small house, so we had to share almost everything. Annoying at times, but great also. I sat gently on the side of her bed. "Grace... wake up buttercup." I said with a hushed voice. Her eye lids fluttered revealing her beautiful, big, green eyes. She got her looks from our mum. They where both gorgeous. And here I was with the DNA from someone I never even met. But from what my mum had told me, I was glad I never met him. My sister and I have different fathers. But we know neither of them. 

Grace looked up with her big goggly eyes and smiled. Her face stiff and rigid - yet soft and smooth. She rubbed her eyes and jumped right past me. She ran right up to her wardrobe, looking at her clothes with excitment. Every morning she had a little light in her eyes. She was so excited to go to school. I wish I had her positive thinking. I stood up and headed to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and grabbed a tooth brush. Minutes later I was done. I started fixing the birds nest on my head and left. I didn't bother wearing make up. It was non existant to me anymore. As I opened the door Grace was stood grinning at me. Just like every morning. I took her to the kitchen and started making her breakfast. "I dreamnt about you Al" everyone calls me Al. She continued speaking about her dream as I made her breakfast.

As she was scoffing on her cereal I changed from my pajamas into human clothes and packed by bag. There was no time for me to eat breakfast. I came back into the kitchen and Grace had finished her breakfast. She had also put the dishes in the sink. I have no idea who brought her up so well but she deffinately had manners. I took her by the hand and walked to our room where our bags were. I helped her pack her lunch and her bag. She then jumped on the bed and sat down sticking her feet out. "blue or pink?" I asked picking up two pairs of trainers. She scrunched her face, trying to decide. If only things were that easy. "Blue!" she yelled out excited. I kneeled down in front of her. "May I?" I said bowing to her. "You may" she giggled. I loved treating her like a princess. She was my princess. I took my bag and took Grace by the hand and walked out.

I was heading straight to collage from Grace's school. I was still in education so Grace's teachers said they wouldn't mind if I took her in early as they understand that I need to get to school on time myself. I guess my life was great. I wouldn't change anything for the world. Well maybe just to see my mum more often.

As I walked through the front doors of the main building, Dorothy, my best friend clung to me. I wrapped my arms around her welcoming her. I hadn't seen her all weekend and we missed each other. She finally let go and we started walking to class together. She was telling me all about her exciting weekend. I loved listening to her speaking about anything exciting. It always resulted in me getting excited. We entered the classroom and sat down next to each other, the conversation still not over, she continued as I listened to ever word she had to say.

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