inspired a tad bit by Inkheart. Iota has always wanted to write but what would happen if the characters she cherished and brought to life come into the real world? will Iota be able to confide as easily into the characters when they are real as she was able when they remained lifeless on paper? its a story of an author - it could be you - and her journey with her cherished characters.


3. the PROLOUGE!!

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Lyra and Iota reached Iota’s house – tentatively titled “prologue” a dumb name indeed, Iota muttered- by eight of the clock. Lyra boldly walked in as if she were introducing Iota into the house. Why did I make her so annoying? Iota questioned herself crossly as she stood by the doorway and watched Lyra inspect the house and return, her face not very impressed.


“the house will do, temporarily” Lyra commented, rubbing her nose.

Iota wanted no more than to bang the vast sliver pot that stood next to her- into Lyra. That would do quite some damage. Maybe if she is lucky, Lyra might even forget what it is to be snobby and roll her eyes. And roll her eyes. Definitely she HAD TO make Lyra forget how to roll those eyes. They annoyed Iota so much!


Lyra heaved herself into the worn out sofa- the one Iota loved soo much!!! It was the ideal place to read and write and SLEEP. Still, the fact that this crazy new entrant had done something sane enough like sitting made Iota sigh in relief. She still had to complete that chapter of The Humming Bird or her snobby, bossy CEO would throw her out. Iota cast one hostile look at Lyra and marched into her study and banged the door loudly enough. What was she hoping for? That Lyra would leave? Impossible. Hadn’t she herself written it on that accursed sheet of paper- Lyra was of a persistent heart.

Wait. Did that mean Iota agreed that Lyra was her character??? NEVER she screamed aloud in her mind and sat by the edge of her desk shuffling her messy hair, searching her head for words that could continue the chapter of The Humming Bird.

An hour later, Iota had managed to place the right words and weave a considerable chapter for her book, Iota walked out of her study. Her hair held up in a messy knot- falling all over her shoulders in a way that enhanced her features. Her hands were messy with the smudged ink and her clothes were decorated with blots of ink- her weapon.

Meanwhile, Lyra poised herself as elegantly as possible on Iota’s old sofa. Her hair was the same brunette as Iota but it was delicately held together by a plait. Lyra was very similar to Iota, one could mistake them for twins. After all Iota wrote Lyra based on herself didn’t she? Yet, Lyra’s features weren’t as well defined and clearly sculpted as Iota’s.


Iota made to clean up the mess which drowned her house. She was successful in eradicating a vast majority of crunched paper, broken pens (ah! What a loss!), and empty refills.  She led Lyra to the guest room ( which was where she stored her laundry, more working like a slave) and banged a glass of water on the table and stormed into her own room.


All the time Lyra sat idly and watched Iota toil. She was the queen of her world. Or atleast she made it a point to be treated like one. she snuggled into bed after Iota’s gruffy departure and instantly (and unnaturally) drifted into a heavy sleep.


Iota too snuggled into bed. But a book acted as companion and led her to a very –(un)peaceful sleep.

Her dreams were studded with the various plots she designed on a sunny afternoon. Her characters weaved in and out of them – all with a wicked smile… her dreams reached an end with the angry shout of her CEO- Linda ArkWright.

But all through the various scenes of the dream, Lyra remained staple. Her face was like a reflection of Iota’s. she was what Iota always wanted to be. Or was she?

It was just the prologue of her journey with Lyra. And Iota could not wait for the Epilouge.

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