Me and my sister are in love with our stepbrothers

Georgia and Rhiannon are twin sister's, they love hanging out with friends and going to school
But what will happen when their mother mura adopts two boys what will niall hink and will their be a happily ever after or will it all end in tears and heart ace
read to find out (May contian self harming and strong language)


1. chapter 1

Rhiannons p.o.v 

Today was the first day back at school, yeah me and my twin go to the same school, we hang out with each other and we have all the same friends. The only bad point about going back to school is that i have to c my ex jacob. We broke up because he tried cheating on me with Georgia, but she is going out with billy. They have been together for 2 years now he's so caring he prtectes her with all his heart. Georgia has been bullied all ther life she finds it difficult to cope sometimesbut she has me, niall, billy and louis. But she always has bruises on her and I'm worried about her.I hope that she is okay because her way of coping with things is by self harming she doesn't know that I know but I have seen her scars and some of them are really bad. When niall came along she stopped cutting but the bbullying started again so did she. 

We have lots of friends but we are not popular we hang round with niall and his fiends. Maddy is my best friend I have known her since I was 3 months old. We are like sister's and she is nearly 2months ppregnant her and louis are so happy that they are having a  baby togehter they have been together for 3 years now.Georgia's best friend is sophie she is with zayn they have been togehter for 9 months now then theres jj he's our gay best friend and I love him he always makesme laugh 

I went to go shower and when I was done I lightly aapplied my make up and lightly curled my hair and went to get changed I picked out a pink and black striped jumber with black  skinny jeans my grey toms and my black scarf  I sprayed my strawberry body spray  then I went to  wake Georgia up. Qhen I got to her room she was crying in her sleep and scraming billy stop hitting me and that broke my heart. I woke her up and she said...


Georgia's p.o.v


I woke up to see a terrified rhi, I asked her what was wrong and she said that aheknows about billy hitting my I asked her how and she said that I was scraming billy stop hitting me inmy sleep, I begged her not to say anything to him or to anyone else  and she said that she wouldn't , she asked me how long its been going on for and I said nealy 5 months now she nodded and sighed, then said goshower wehave to be at schoolin an hour. Iwent to shower while rhi picked outmy clothes  when  i was done I went to seewhat she picked and she picked a grey jumper, light blue skinny jeans with my dark blue toms and my white scarf I put them on and then done my make up  then when I was done I done my hair I loosly curled it then pinned it to the side I looked in the mirror and u coulnt see my scars thank god, then I went down stairs and saw my mother I said good morning and ate my pancakes mam said that she had a surprize for us but would have to wait till we get home to see it . God I wonder what it is



Sorry this chapter suckes its my first time doing this so plz no hate love you 


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