A little love story

A little love story about Nina and Ross Lynch


2. School

Nina's Pov.

Today is my first day at my new high school. I am frightened to death. I haven't made any friends yet in the 2 weeks we're living here. I dind't do much yet, I decorated my room, went swimming with Luke and Luke and I looked around in the city.

The school was quite far away and I had to take the schoolbus, because we can only take our drivers test from our 18th. I was the only senior on the bus. To be honest I found myself a big loser sitting there. The bus didn't even stop driving or I was already out of the bus. I really need to find a different way to get to school.

The lady from the school told me I had to inform at the reception at the school. The reception was not hard to find, but there was no one behind the desk. I saw a chair in the corner of the room, so I sat on it. Lots of students past me while I was sitting there, but no one said hi or even looked up. My feeling was telling me that this was going to be a horrible day. After what felt like an hour, a lady sat behind the desk. I walked up to her, but she didn't look up either. Ever standing there a few minutes, I cleared my throat. The woman finally looked up.

'How can I help you?' she asked.

'I'm Nina Janssen, I'm the new student.' I replied.

'Oh, yes yes.' She started to go through a big pile of papers.

'Here is your scedule and a map of the school' She hands me some papers.

'Thanks.' I replied.

'Have a good day, love.'

She stood up and walked away. She left me a bit confused, because I was expecting a tour through the school or something. But no, she left me for the sharks. I looked on my schedule and saw that I have math in ten minutes. Time to find the classroom.

Just in time I found the classroom. Everyone was already sitting on there places and there was only one spot left in the front. I sat down on the chair and felt the eyes burning on me. Because I wanted to sit down as fast as possible, I didn't took a good look at the person next to me. I looked up and saw a girl with big glasses and her hair in two braids. She was reading in a book, so she problably didn't notice me. Just when I got enough courage to say something to her, a man came into the classroom.

'Okay class, open your book on page 91' he yelled.

I looked on my schedule and saw that this was mister green. Mister Green is a funny name. Why would someone want to be called green. And is it light green or dark green. I was far away with my thoughts, when I felt someone poking my arm. I looked up and saw everyone looking at me, including mister green. I had problably missed something.

'I asked if you are you miss Janssen?' He asked. I had to say that he pronounced my name very funny.

'Yes that is me.' I replied.

'I want you to pay attention in my class, I asked you what the answer is on question 5.'

I looked at my book and saw that it was something I already have had back home a long time ago.

'It's 45 sir' I said.

'That's correct.' het said. 'We have this subject yet, how did you know?' He looked at me with a slight confusion on his face.

'I already had this subject in the Netherlands a long time ago.' I said it with a little voice, because I knew that everyone in the class was staring at me.

'In the Netherlands you say? Class, we have a foreigner with us.' He said while turning to the class. And he started to continue the lesson.

I knew he was trying to trick me, by asking a hard question. But like I said, I have had this a long time ago. We were doing way harder stuff now. Passing this class was going to be easy.

The rest of the day went by without anything special. Sometimes I had to introduce myself for the class, but I got ignored by the teachers too. I didn't care at all. I had a few classes with the same people as with math. But because of what happend at mister Greens class, my chances of make any friends were little. People told me I was this big nerd. Well, the girl that was sitting next to me, Molly is her namen, started talking to me. She asked how I knew so much, because it was the same as math at science, biology and physics. I already had done the subjects in the Netherlands. She asked me how the Netherlands is and stuff, but she had these weird things. On her bag was a big unicorn (I love unicorns but come on, not on your schoolbag.). I caught her puking her nose. And she is reading books the whole time. Not that that is a bad thing, but it are schoolbooks most of the time. I got this feeling she wasn't very popular by the rest of the class. And I was trying not to sit next to her by some classes, but she kept coming to me.

I was broken at the end of the day. At home, my parents asked my how my first day was. I told them that it was alright. But in fact, I hated it. I had never felt so alone. After dinner, I went to bed. I had to prepare myself for the next day.




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