love at first sight.

me and izzy are going to the Where We Are concert when they win backstage passes and 1D camp with ONE DIRECTION THEMSELVES! Lara and Izzy fall in love but do the guys they love, Love them back? will they ever be with the guys they love? find out by reading!!!
stay cool and sassy ;)


1. where it all began.

hi my name is lara I am 15 years of age I live in Holmes chapel Cheshire with my best friend izzy, me and izzy both have dark brown hair but I have blonde through it and izzy has blue through it, izzy is 18 but im 15 we are both slim and fit because we do modelling for a living, we both have gorgeous brown eye, our boss is forcing us to take her daughter to a one direction concert izzy really doesnt want to go but  I don't mind their  music, this is us and this is our story.....




Lara's pov:

we go tomorrow so we have to pack our bags im yelling at Izzy to pack her bag she wont get up ill have to bribe her with food again its the only way to get her to do anything around here "Izzy I have a taco! it would be a waist to throw it away ohh well I will have to give it to Sam (our little puppy) "NOO GIVE IT TO ME DONT GIVE IT TO SAM I WANT TO EAT IT!" says izzy jumping from the sofa onto me "get of me you filthy animal here is the taco and go have a shower we have to get ready to got to the concert ' I say pushing her off me "uhh I don't want to go see them" says izzy crossing her arms "well you have to! we have to take our bosses daughter (kylie) to go see them and if we don't we are fired" I say getting sorta angry "ok ok I will get ready but you have to as well" says izzy so we did izzy went into the downstairs bathroom and I went upstairs one (we live in a mansion) I got a black dress with some black converse I put on black nice earings with a black and silver necklace izzy worn black skinny jeans with a shirt that said shut the F*** up! with black converses and a versity jacket we got ready and went ouside kylie was there with her mum "girls make sure u look after kylie and keep her close to you and make sure she injoys herself if she is not happy when she returns you are both fired!" says our boss she puts up the window and drives off "oh fuck this" says izzy "NO SWEARING NOW TAKE ME TO THE CONCERT" says kylie getting into izzys car we both get in and started driving uhh im hating this already


izzy's pov:

we are in the car kylie was in the back listening to music from her ipod and lara was in the front with the window down while listening to music but me.... im driving and I have been driving for an hour and the worst of it we are 8 hours early so I decided to talk to lara "what you listening to lara? I ask "umm midnight memories from one direction?" she says looking at me "I thought u didn't like them" I ask "well I do I think they are amazing" says lara back "ok kool" I answer back. We then drive through to the car park we got one and we walked inside we realised we are the first ones there suddenly I get a pat on the shoulder I look around it was a news team! "hi girls we want to put you girls on live tv if u do this you girl will get one direction backstage passes and tickets for 1D camp tickets to go camping with ONE DIRECTION THEMSELVES" says the lady "OMG CAN WE CAN WE CAN WE IZZY AND LARA THIS WOULD MEAN SO MUCH AND IF U DO I WILL TELL MUM I HAD THE BEST NIGHT EVER AND TO GIVE U GUYS PROMOTIONS" says kylie "okay sure" says izzy "we are live in action! hi I am here with the first three girls at the where we are concert so girls are you girls excited?" says the women "OMG HI IM KYLIE I L-O-V-E ONE DIRECTION THEY ARE AMAZING OMG IM FREAKING OUT GAHHH" says kylie excitedly "um ok then what about you two girls are u girls excited?" says the lady "yes hey im lara I love one direction I find their music amazing and great to listen to its nice to be able to see their concert" says lara "that's nice what about you" says the lady poking a microphone in my face "well um im not really into boybands and all that but their music is alright and good to listen to and yeah its all kool" I say trying to be sassy "well that's great! and did you know one direction are listening to this right now? they are coming down to talk to you girls" says the women "OMFG YAY OMG OMG" says kylie "and here are the boys hi guys" says the lady waving "Hi girls its nice to meet you" says harry kylie runs up to harry and starts holding on to harrys leg "OMG OMG YOU CANNOT BE REAL IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH OMG OMG" says kylie "umm ok can u get off my leg so I can greet the other girls?" says harry "NO THEY ARE BITCHES YOU DONT ANNA MEET THEM THEY ARE NOBODY" says kylie hugging harry really tight "that's not nice you can meet the rest of the band ok" says harry pushing kylie off him that was really funny when suddenly a irish boy started whispering in my ear "im niall whats your name beautiful?" says niall I whispered back "im izzy" I say I meet my eyes with his and Boy aren't they beautiful they were a realy nice blue he had nice white teeth with brunette hair he looked amazing. "whats your number babe" says niall "can I have your phone babe" I ask "sure" he says handing it I put my number in it ad we were there talking he is so beautiful I think im falling in love.


kylies pov:

those bitches stole my favourite boys of me grr how much I hate them suddenly liam faces me "hey beautiful im liam you look amazing" he says with a wink I suddenly forgot everything he was perfect and I fell in love he had perfect skin with white teeth he had beautiful hair that ws perfect he himself was perfect I started talking to him and we walked around for alittle while then he asks me "would you and the girls would like to go on stage with us in the concert" says liam "yeah sure I say with a wide smile on my face" izzy looks at me  "no way in hell im going on stage get me fired if you like but no way that's happening no food in his world will change my mind just so you know lara before you pull me into this" I say to lara "oh Isabella I have chocolate" says lara  "no no not happening" she said with panic lara smirks at izzy "oh so your not going on stage well nobody will be able to stop me from tell the whole world your secret " izzy looks confused lara speaks again "remember that time when we went to the beach " then izzy covered laras mouth and glares at her izzy looks upset "fine only for a second not any longer "


harrys pov:

wow theses girls are beautiful I cant believe how perfect they are I mean wow ive seen millions of pretty girls but these girls are just wow I really like lara she just effortlessly perfect she has the most beautiful smile,i decided to go talk to her "Hey beautiful" I say with a wink she blushes "hey im lara" she says hugging me "so I herd you won tickets to the one direction camp maybe while we are their I could show you a trick or two" I say with a wink "aha um in 15 sorry maybe when im izzys age sorry lol but I will date you" lara says laughing "omg you look a lot older like 18 wow" I say covering my face lara grabs my hand my hand off my face and kisses me we were kissing for like 2 minutes when Louis coughs "um are we done here" says Louis pulling us apart "I-im sorry lou" says lara looking down "well you should be you cant kiss him cause he don't love you he loves me u are a nobody just a little slut now go off with your friend and stay away from him" says lou slapping my face " w-w-what was t-t-that for?" says lara crying "FOR KISSING MY BOYFRIEND NOW FUCK OFF" he says I run to izzy who was talking to niall "omg hun what happened to your face why is it bleeding?" says izzy holding my face "L-l-Louis H-h-hit m-m-my f-f-ace and C-c-called me names" says lara in tears I run to Louis and went to talk to him "WHY THE FUCK YOU HIT MY BEST FRIEND LARA" says izzy "CAUSE THAT LITTLE SLUT KISSED MY BOYFRIEND HARRY SO I GAVE HER A BIG SLAP" says Louis "WELL SHE DIDNT KNOW SO YOU CANT JUST HIT HER YOUR SO MEAN GO AWAY AND DONT EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN"  I say giving him a puch in the jaw, "OWWWW" he says falling on the ground I looked at him I wanted to leave him I don't love him he hurts me all the time and now he hurt the love of my life I couldn't do anything I was in a shock moment....


hey there hope you like this movellas this is my first and yeah just comment what you think I will write more tomorrow :) and remember to stay kool and sassy! xxx   

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