love at first sight.

me and izzy are going to the Where We Are concert when they win backstage passes and 1D camp with ONE DIRECTION THEMSELVES! Lara and Izzy fall in love but do the guys they love, Love them back? will they ever be with the guys they love? find out by reading!!!
stay cool and sassy ;)


2. stage time

Louis pov:

I cannot believe he did it again...He kissed a fan! Larry Stylinson is real, we have been together since One direction came together as a band, That was in 2010..Modest! Management wants us to keep this relationship a secret so fans don't stop liking us... I think I was a little to hard on that girl because she didn't know anything about Larry Stylinson and I hit her face but she shouldn't be kissing harry for 1 she is to young and for 2 he is my boyfriend... After a little time thinking I wanted to go say sorry for what I have did so I went inside the Arena and I went backstage, I then saw harry standing outside of our dressing room upset "hey hazz whats wrong" I say giving him a hug he pushes me away "Stop! don't give me a hug! see what u did u gave lara a huge hand mark on her face and now she doesn't want to talk to me because she is scared you are going to hit her again and now she HATES One Direction and she doesn't want to go Camping with us" says harry upset "Why do u care if she goes camping with us harry?? its not like u love her or anything and im your boyfriend I will be there with you" I say to him  "No I don't love you Louis I don't love u anymore and I haven't since well.... a long time because you hurt everyone that I talk to and u hurt the girl that I love and now she doesn't want to talk to me because of u!!!" he says with tears filling his eyes, he sits onto the floor with his knees pressing into his chest and he starts crying I sit down next to him and I put his head into my chest "harry...Im not going to force you to do anything..if u don't love me anymore and you love lara well..we can separate and you can be hers because I hate seeing you crying and you know that so If u want to leave just say so.." I said to him with tears filling my eyes he crys even more and shakes his head "I-I hope we ca-can be still friends lou" says harry still crying "OF COURSE WE WILL HAZ" I said with a smile, he smiles at me "One lass kiss" he says "sure" i reply he leans forward and i lean forward and we gently kiss he pulls back and i do as well he hugs me and he wipes his tears away "now i need a girlfriend" i say to him "why don't u go out with Eleanor" says harry smiling "that sounds like a good idea" i rang up Eleanor "hello?" says Eleanor on the phone "hey Eleanor i just wanted to ask you something... um we have been friends for a while and i really wanted to make this relationship even more than just friends so i just wanted to ask if u would like to be my girlfriend?" i ask her with my fingers crossed "OMG YES YES I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU LOUIS! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOR LIKE FOREVER YES" says Eleanor on the phone i laugh "I have to go do something now i love u babe' i say to her "i love u too bye" she says she then hangs up "so u are going out with her now i guess since u have a big smile on your face" says harry with a smirk "yup..harry can i go in there and say sorry to lara only if u let me" i say to him "sure" says harry we both walk in and wow lara and izzy are both so so beautiful... management has made them put dresses on that are really short izzys is black and laras is purple they both have white lace on them and they are strapless at the top. laras and izzys hair are both curled lara has big and beautiful silver jewelry on and izzy has black big and beautiful jewelry on they both are wearing black converses on with them. "wow girls you look so beautiful" i say to them "thanks now what do u want" says izzy sitting down eating chocolate on liams lap  "why are you sitting on liams lap izzy" says harry "ohh kylie had a fight with liam and i fought with niall but we are still friends and liam asked me out so i said okay" says izzy sharing the chocolate with liam "where is kylie?" asked harry "oh yeh she had to be picked up by her dad because she rang him and said we were doing a horrible job and we were leaving her alone so we go fired so we don't have a job" says izzy both lara and izzy looking upset "awwww that's really sad sorry guys" said harry "its okay says lara smiling at harry "umm lara i wanted to say sorry for slapping you and giving u a sore face i was jealous cause u were kissing harry and i forgot u didn't know about larry so im sorry lara" i say to her "umm yeah its okay i understand Louis. im sorry for kissing your boyfriend too" says lara to me 'also im sorry for punching you in the face but that's what happens when u touch lara you are lucky your balls are still attached to your body Louis" says izzy "i will take a note of that for the future" i say laughing we all started laughing and laras face was fixed up "COMMON GUYS YOU HAVE TO BE ON STAGE IN 5 MINUTES GET READY" says our supervisor so we all got our clothes on and we all got onto the platform lara went onto harrys platform and izzy went onto liams and it started moving up.

harrys pov:

it was moving up and lara was holding onto me tightly "don't worry princess you look beautiful" i say to her she looks up at me and smiles, we get up onto the stage and we started singing best song ever so i hold onto laras hand and we run onto the stage we all started singing and i was singing to lara and izzy they were twirling and dancing and looking beautiful lara and izzy was doing our dances and it look so funny but cute. Our next song was you & I, i stopped it and we all started talking 'Hello Sydney! we are back again this year with our new album midnight memories! we are going to be singing You & I and i know u must be wondering who these two girls are! their names are lara ad izzy and they were the first to be here so they have won a trip to go camping with us also they get to be on stage! Now lara and izzy are going to be singing you & I for us who is excited!" i say everyone cheers i give two microphones to the girls 'no im not singing!" says izzy handing it back "yes you are don't worry we wont judge girls" says liam the music starts and they both start singing and wow it is beautiful their voice just blew us all away. by the end of the song they stop and everyone cheers and we start clapping they both bowed and our next song was story of my life so we all just danced and had alot of fun

*end of concert*


laras pov:

"wow that was amazing" i say laughing keeping close to harry he laughs and he holds onto my hand i let go "whats wrong lara" he asks me "you are going out with Louis and i don't want him to get upset" i say to harry "ohh we have already broken up princess you don't need to worry about that okay i love you and you are my world" says harry giving me a close hug, i bury my head into his chest and i whisper in his ear "i love you too" he smiles and kisses me on my lips "ayyy get some room you too" says izzy hugging liam "why don't u guys get a room" i say laughing she laughs and we all go out into harrys room and we sit down onto harrys bed "so what does everyone want to do" i ask sitting down "lets play strip poker" says zayn  "no way i would beat you all" says izzy "why don't we play truth or dare" i say everyone agrees "truth or dare izzy" i ask her "truth" says izzy "is it true u fancy liam" i say to izzy "yes it is true lara" says izzy hugging liam he blushes "truth or dare harry" says izzy "dare" says harry "omg u just did not do that" i say covering my mouth "what??" says harry "she does the worst dares of all she once made me go around outside naked and ask a homeless man if he knew where the strip club was.. it still gives me nightmares" i say to myself "haha gotcha" says izzy "nope changing it to truth" says harry 'nope u cannot change also i dare u to make out with lara" says izzy "like right here in front of you guys" says harry "yup" says everyone so harry sits closer next to me and he whispers "pretend no ones here and just kiss me" he says i shake my head and we start kissing and making out ,we stop after ten minutes "yup did it and that was easy" says harry winking at me i giggle "okay truth or dare niall" says harry "truth" says niall "is it true u still love izzy" harry asks him "umm yeah it is true" says niall everyone owwwws him and it was getting very late by then so izzy went to get nandos and we all just waited.... 20 minutes after and izzy was back with food so we all got in and ate after that we all went to bed izzy went into liams room and i went to harrys room and everyone went to their own room and slept that night


HEY GUYS hope u enjoyed this chapter!!! sorry i haven't been updating it recently its because i have been really busy okay please tell me what u think and if there are any changes i should make :) okay will be updating soon!!!  stay sassy xox

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