Blue || Justin Bieber

she was the moon, he was the sun. she lighted up his world, he lighted up her life.


3. One simple donut.

''It was a donut, mom!'' I yelled, using my hands making it extra dramatic. Which it really, wasn't. But right now my mother, was yelling at me, for my accident. She has this weird belief in her head, that I am this emo kid slash rebel. Which was probably because I was ruining my lungs, I dyed my hair every few months in a different colour and as I mentioned, am a walking disaster.

But in all honesty, I wasn't a emo nor was I a rebel. I didn't listen to heavy metal, have loads of black make-up on my eyes - actually I didn't even wear make-up - also I didn't do anything against the law. My  supposed 'brother' is the one who likes to break the law, Aaron.

Aaron is quite popular. Actually he's really popular. Sixteen, has abs and a full-time womanizer. I seriously don't get how we can be related. He's the opposite of me, and to be honest, we rarely talk. Maybe twice a year, on our birthdays. Like living with a stranger.

''You're going to live with your dad, no buts.'' She simply stated, not giving me a single glance. I couldn't believe my ears.

 ''Mom, it was a freaking accident! A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T.''

''You have these accidents almost every month!'' She yelled back, and in a way it was true. ''That's no reason to send me to my 'father'.'' The reason I air quoted the 'father' part was 'cause I really didn't talk to my dad. Not that I talked to my mom, but there was a difference. She was my mom anyway.

''Come on, Hope. It will be a good experience, it's so Obvious you don't feel good here. It can change your low-spirited soul.'' She tried to reason me. Really? Low-spirited soul? She could just say she thought I was depressed, which I wasn't by the way.

''Fine,'' I muttered, I didn't want to argue the woman. Also her low-spirit speech about me, made me realize going away would probably be better before i'd have a burn-out and hit her with a banana.

''Okay, i'll call Scott.'' That were the last words she spoke before walking out of the room, calling my 'dad', who shocked me by saying yes.

The guy actually said yes.


It was that moment, that moment, it finally occured to me I was going to another state, another city, because of one simple donut.


So did you like it? I hope you guys liked it. So she's going to live with Scooter (Scott) OMG! That's quite a big step, don't you think?


If you think i'm moving too fast, you must know that next chapters will make more sense, or idk. I'm just a free bird man, let me be.

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