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2. Misunderstood Teenagers.

I was so annoyed by by these people. I mean seriously? The teacher is gone, for what? Five seconds, and of course, they have to act like monkeys. The girls on the other hand, were like usual, getting obsessed over these celebrities that didn't have any acknowledge of their existence. Or they were talking about things that really had no point in real life. Make-up, boys, fashion ect. I really tried to get in this book. The only thing that made my skin feel like skin, was reading. Luckily it were just a few, probably very long, months and I could go away. in this place called hell- I mean, High School.

Don't get me wrong, I love learning. Actually I'm that kind of type that is excited for homework. But, I, wasn't a geek nor was I a nerd.

I mean, here in this school, Mallowkeep High School - which is by the way in Florida, Boca Raton - you have the typical High School people.

You have the nerds, geeks, emo's, goth, hipsters, indie's, and of course, the popular people. I don't think I'd have to describe the popular people. I mean, the names says it, popular. The boys played sports, dated chearleaders, and well go to parties and do drugs. The popular girls were in the dance squad or they were chearleaders, dating the sport guys of course and yeah had tons of make-up on, had an wardrobe that was that big that I was sure of could fill fifty trucks. Also they went to parties, I mean they're popular of course they go to parties! But to be honest, they had those high-pitched voices, long skinny legs, gold blonde hair and beautiful blue/green eyes. Which I really didn't have, to start I have the most terribly ugly brown eyes, which is weird, 'cause I love brown eyes, but mine somehow decided to have this ugly shade.

There are people like me you know, the misunderstood teenagers, let me describe myself: a  seventeen year old blue haired girl that smokes, likes unicorns a little too much, is in love with an fictional character, and likes too drink coffee. Yeah, that's typical me, Hope Braun.

I was very sure though, that is how I would describe me. Also I was sure that people wouldn't even put a single thought in how to describe me. They would probably describe me as the weird kid, which I was: I was weird. if you still haven't noticed, my social status is two simple words: socially awkward.

When it was finally lunch time, I decided to buy a donut, my romance with donuts was beautiful, and it was a once in a life time thing, okay maybe not, but I normally don't eat donuts at school. Nor do I buy something at school. Nor do I show up in the lunch cafetaria, normally I'm sitting in the library. I really didn't feel like sitting, in this room full of teenagers..

It was a matter of time - really - before something bad would happen. I was, literally, a walking disaster. And yeah, of course, something had to happen. So what? I BY ACCIDENT smashed my beloved donut on Amber Lake's fake boobs. She didn't have to yell every little tone out of her lungs.

''You, you! Do you know how much this shirt costs?'' She said, furious and red, her high-pitched voice really sounded like a dead cat, only dead cats don't yell in someone's ear.

''Well?'' She said, I really wanted to say: Calm your tits! Also I was wondering what shirt. I mean, it looked like a midget bra.

When she finally realized that I was trying not to laugh, she freaked out. The words she yelled at me didn't hurt, but the fact that she could say 'You ugly lesbian smurf' wasn't hurting that much, I mean I'd been called worse things in my life, but that awkward moment when everyone in the school laughs (this time at me) was, a little bit hurting.

I wasn't that offended though, I was offended by what the school's principal said: ''This kind of sexual intimidation can not be tolerated.'' I mean somebody please buy this guy a dictionary! I was used to this though, people thought because I didn't talk that much, the way I looked and because I listened to Lana Del Rey (she is art). I was this depressed emo girl, which I wasn't. I was really, misunderstood. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong generation.

I wasn't that affected by the whole situation, it were the words my mother said. I couldn't believe my ears.


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