Blue || Justin Bieber

she was the moon, he was the sun. she lighted up his world, he lighted up her life.


4. Awkward Silence.

"Yes, yes, okay. Bye mom!" My brother was not exactly here, he was more flirting with girls, I didn't care. I wasn't going to miss him.

"Call me when-" I cut her off, "Yes, okay? Bye."

I walked away, my feet were probably as nervous as I was, and I seriously had a hard time breathing while walking to the airplane. I shouldn't be nervous, it's my dad. The thing is, me being nervous, isn't the 'healthy' kind of nervous. I have this annoying habbit, that everytime I'm nervous, I sweat as a crazy person, I bite my tongue - and that seriously hurts -, ect.

I wanted to go, not to my dad, but go away. Run away, I felt judged, for having an anxiety attack. But, I couldn't go away, and, I hated it.

I sat down on my chair, and decided not to worry. To be honest, that didn't worked out very well. So, I decided to drink some water, it was disgusting, but I had to relax. By my suprise, there wasn't a snoring overweight white man sitting next to me -I prepared for the worst scenario-, in fact, there was nobody sitting next to me.

I was happy, and my flight wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. So when we finally landed, I let out the biggest sigh, I was for sure stressed, and I liked that I was finally going away, al thought nothing bad has happened.. Yet.


There he was, my dad. My dad. The person I haven't seen for three years, it felt strange, and I wanted to go away.

"H-hi. Hope?" He stuttered, obviously he was suprised by the way I looked, or he was just supri- No, it was because of how I looked. But he didn't say it as casual as I hoped.

"Hi." I simply said, looking at him, with the most blank face expression.

Instead of asking how I was, or my flight; my dad asked the most annoying question ever, a question that made me want to die in a hole.

"What happened to you?"

I decided to not answer that question, it wasn't nice, and I wasn't hurt, I was dissapointed. But I could expect this, I could. Being me: I rolled my eyes, in the most non-casual way, I wanted him to know what a sad, sad move he made.


"Don't. Speak. To. Me."

Not a hug, not anything. It was a big, big dissapointment. I should he hurt, I should be thinking about how my own dad didn't hug me, didn't ask me how I was and all; but I wasn't, people have been treating me this way longer than I can remember, and my dad didn't mean that much to me anymore. In fact. nobody did.

After a long silent ride, I decided to speak, again with the most blank face expression, but I didn't care.

"Where are we going?"

"First to the studio, I have to get some stuff and you can meet the others."

Äfter that, I didn't say anything. The silence remained, and I knew for him it was an awkward silence, it wasn't though. I could see it in his face he was happy that we were at the studio, so now he was able to run away from his 'awkward silence'.

Although, I was pretty sure it was less awkward when I 'Hi' to his 'team'.

"Everyone, this is my daughter, Hope." My dad was obviously aware from this awkward tension in the room.

""Hello, Hope." They all said monotonously.

"Hi?" They were creepy, and I wanted to go.


"Hope! I want you to meet somebody." My dad said, walking over to me, with a boy by his side.

"Euhm, okay. Hi." I took a zip of my coffee (that I just got) and I looked at my dad. It was like he wanted to say something, and I didn't get what.

"Well, this is Justin. Great kid."

"Uh, okay?" I looked at the hazel-eyed boy, "Hi, Justin."

"Justin, Justin Bieber." He smiled, I shook his hand and looked at him.

"Okay, good for you, I guess?" I awkwardly scratched my back, looking at my coffee.

After a long, real awkward silence -that kind of silence where you just try to hear every sound and move a person makes- my dad said something: "Well, get to know each other! Hope, you'll go to the same school as Justin, and it'd be good for you to make a friend, your mom said."

How sweet my mom is, to tell my dad that. How sweet..


West Coast all day

I hate this chapter omfg. Buuut, I'll be updating next week I think. I have to go to my family :( Also, I haven't been online that much, so yeah. Sorry.

I know this chappie boring, but please, stay with me (:

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