And Run


1. invisible

I sat in the middle of my room with my social studies book across my face. There was a slight knock at my door.

"Woah. What happened!?" My mom asked. I tore the book from my face and looked up.

"10th grade happened mother. 10th grade." She chuckled.

"We'll. when your ready you can join us for dinner.

I put on a pink cardigan sweater. I'm pretty sure this is the only pink thing I even have.

I stuck on my slippers and zoomed down the steps.

"Aug! Don't you have something nicer than skinny jeans and a sweater?" Mom pushed. I shook my head.

"Of course not!"

Marcie pushed my big butt through the car door as we were getting ready to got eat dinner with my oldest sister. She's 24 and lives with her fiancé in a 3 bedroom apartment.

It's a cozy delicate house with a giant balcony and plants everywhere. Her bedroom was the prettiest and largest. I stayed there a lot ever since she moved back down here.

We reached the diner. It was super fancy and smelled like ash.

"Mom? Where's Marcie?" We all three looked behind us and couldn't find her anywhere.

"Marcie!" We yelled.

My heart started to flutter and I ran outside.

"Marcie!" She appeared from the bushes all scratched up. She fell to her knees in a fit if tears.

There was noting I could do. Marcie was attacked and she was upset. I mean I too would be upset if my gorgeous outfit. I kneeled beside her and rubbed her back.

"Marcie?" I asked. "What happened to you?" She looked up at me. Besides the clingy wet hair there was an enormous scratch. Blood trickled down her face.

I quickly ran inside.

"Mom. We're going home. Now. Tell Marcie to meet us there." Mom was confused.

"I found Marcie."

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