Started with a DM

Trevor Moran Fan Fiction

~Before he got signed to a record deal~


1. Twitter

I was in bedroom hanging out with my bestie. I have a YouTube Channel. I sing covers of songs on it. My idol is Trevor Moran. He sings amazing! He also is in a collab channel called Our Second Life. They're so funny. I doubt they notice me. Anyway I was in my bed just playing on my phone when I got a new twitter notification. I opened twitter and look. "OMG! Trevor Moran follows me!" I said. My bestfriend, Alizah, was in the room. "OMG, really Hannah!" She yelled. I nodded my head. We started jumping up and down. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Hannah Downberg and I'm 15 years old. I know my last name is weird. Anyway, I'm about 5'3 and I have long, silky, black hair. My eyes are an icee blue. My best friend is Alizah Windsaw, and she's tall. She's 5'7 and she's only 15!! Anyway she has short blonde hair and green eyes. She's like the complete opposite of me. Back to the story. We finally finished jumping up and down. I looked at my phone and saw a DM from him. It said, "hey, I've seen u on YouTube and wanted to see if u would like to do a collab?" I started flipping out. I replied with, "of course I would. I've seen your videos and your my idol. Ilysm!" I screamed again completely forgetting Alizah was in the room. "What?" She asked. "IM DOING A COLLAB WITH TREVOR MORAN!" I yelled. We both screamed this time. I looked at my phone one last time and it said, "lol, me too! Anyway, how about tomorrow?" I replied with, "yes, that's perfect." I fell asleep.

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