Started with a DM

Trevor Moran Fan Fiction

~Before he got signed to a record deal~


3. Living with Trevor??


I looked at her shocked. How could her stepmom do that? "I won't let her." I said. "How will you stop her?" She asks. "Give me a second." I say to her. I run into the kitchen to where my mom was. "Mom?" I asked her. "Yes sweetie?" She asked. "Can a friend of mine come to live with us!?" She looked at me shocked. "Why?" She asked. "She's having a really tough time with her family and needs to leave." I say. "Well, I guess." She gives in. "Thank you!" I say and hug her. "Can I meet her please?" She asks. I nod my head. We quietly walk into the room and see she's crying a bit. My mom looks at me. "She's very beautiful." "Yeah." I say looking at Hannah and smiling. My mom looks at me and says, "Do you like her." I looked at her and started thinking. Did I like her? I really don't know. "I don't know." I finally responded. She nodded and looked back at her. "Hannah, meet me mom, Nicole." I introduced my mom. Hannah looked up and smiled. "Hello, Mrs. Moran." She said. "Please, call me Nicole." My mom said. "So, Hannah, how would you like to live with me?" I asked.


"So, Hannah, how would you like to live with me?" Trevor asked. My mouth opened. I stood up and hugged him. "I'd love to!" I sorta yelled. He laughed and hugged me back. "Wait, this is alright with you Nicole?" I asked. "Yes, dear." She replied. I smiled and hugged Trevor again. "Thank you so much." I whispered is his ear. "Anything for you." He whispered back. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I looked down and blushed. "We're gonna have to get your things." He said. I nodded my head and we walked out. I saw my stepmom was gone. We quickly went inside and got my stuff together. We left 10 minutes later. *skip walk* We finally got to his house and walked in. I immediately ran and jumped into the couch. Trevor laughed. "I could show you your room if you want?" He said. "Ok!" I plopped back up and ran upstairs. Trevor started running after me and we ran around the house. I was running down the stairs when I tripped. I closed my eyes and expected to hit the ground but I didn't. I opened my eyes and saw Trevor caught me. "Got you." He said with a smirk. He pulled me up till we were face to face. We looked into each other's eyes. "Hannah, will you go make me a sandwich?" Trevor asked. I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I said giving in. "Yay!" He yelled like a little kid. I went into the kitchen and made him a sandwich. He hugged me and grabbed it. He ran off. I sat down on the kitchen stool when Nicole walked in. "Hey!" She said. "Hey." I said sorta of quietly. She looked me with concern. "What's wrong honey?" She asked. "Trevor and I almost kissed, I think." She looked at me surprised. "Well, what happened is that we were running around the house and I tripped running downstairs and then Trevor caught me and we were faces to face then he said will you make me a sandwich." I explained. She looked at me. "Trevor always does that." She said. "What?" I asked confused. "Backs himself out of making a move on a girl." She said. "Does he like me?" I asked. "I don't know, but it seems like it." I started thinking. He likes me? Do I like him? He's just so nice, sweet, funny, awesome, and I have to admit cute. I get this tingly feeling inside when I'm with him. He makes me feel safe. Woah, I think I like him.

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