Jalexander Barakarth


1. the anals

"Alex, I love you."

God, it felt amazing to finally say that out loud. Now if only I could say it to his face. 


*the next day*

While I was building up the courage to tell him, the feeling were building up- stronger, stronger, and stronger by the day. I see him in the room, and I feel that now is maybe a good time to express my feelings to him. 

"Alex, could I please talk to you in private?"

"Sure, of course."

"So, I brought you back here to tell you something very important, and I hope it only changes our relationship for better things."

"Okay, what is it, Jack?"

"I love you."

The look on his face, oh my god, please just tell me how you feel, please, alex...


Oh, no, i thought this would happen...

"I never thought I would ever hear you say those words to me, I love you too."




alexs pov


He loves me. I can't believe it. Jack loves me. 


"hey, jack,"


"i was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere, you know, like, a restaraunt tp eat or something?"

"of course."


*At the restaraunt- jacks pov*

as we were eating, we decided not to make it public until a few months.


*back at home*

"Alexander William Gaskart, come here right now, i need to tell you something."


I leaned in, and started to kiss him, and then, started to pull off his pants, his boxers, then mine, and shoved my cock up his amazing ass. After a little while, someone walked in, we were doing all of the anals in my kitchen. 

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