A Day in a life of Alyssa

Alyssa won a draw to hang out with Justin Bieber for a day.


2. The arival

4 hours later in a limo she turned up at JB's mansion for the party and had her invited in her hand. "OMG OMG OMG this is the best day ever" said Alyssa then she rang the bell and found out that JB was at the door. "Hey girl, you are looking fine" said Justin. Alyssa blushed and then showed him the invite saying "hi my name is Alyssa and I'm a huge fan of yours." "You must be Alyssa, would you like to come in" asks Justin. "yes please. Is anyone else here." She asked. "Nope its just you and me" said Justin. So Alyssa walked into the mansion and was hypnotized by the amazing sight. "You a beautiful house" says Alyssa. "Thanks do you want to go and have lunch with me" asked Justin. Alyssa nodded and followed along the big hall into the party room. She was amazed by the sight of the mansion and everything else. Both Alyssa and Justin sat down and ate lunch and talked fro a a long time.

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