Bestfriends for never

Hey this is my first movella so no hate please . . . . . . This story is about two viners that used to be best friends but what happen????? Joing skylark and matthew to find out


1. chapter 1

Never talk to me again, if you ever come visit back home don't ever talk to me if u see me past by don't even say hi, wait don't even make eye contact with me forget about what ever we had, what ever we did, and what ever we said to each other I heard him talk in the phone by now I was tearing up, I said to him you know what, I agree with you and the same thing goes for you I don't ever want to see u or fucken talk to you and I promise to you, if we ever bump into each other at some place, I will promise u that I will never talk to you or even stare at you, you got that! and I know you won't do that to ok. after that happen I was in the floor of my room crying that's when I realize ¡Best Friends 4 never! I still was crying when some one shookme and that's when I screamed and woke up crying..........

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