The Crowned Princess I: The Beginning of Struggle

This story is about a girl named Celina, who has stumbled upon a world that is different from hers, Classic Earth. As she awakens into this world, she encounters her old friends, but she also encounters new friends and even new enemies. Celina's past life in Modern Earth was just plain typical, but she soon realizes that she is now living through a new chapter with a new life and a new world.


1. Prologue (Chapter 0)

 Ever thought that once you encounter another world, you start facing bigger challenges and bigger conflicts? Me? Well…yes, I have. I thought that my life would just be an ordinary one, but I was wrong. I never thought that I—I mean my friends and I would end up waking up in a world that is different from ours. This kind of world we have stumbled upon is like some kind of popular Anime series a director created!

 But no…this is not a dream. Everything here is a reality. This world we are in is our challenge, and the enemies we face are our conflicts.

 There are these utensils called Roles, Symbols, and Weapons. Our Roles tell us what positions we have, our Symbols depict who we are, and our Weapons proclaim our fighting style. All the citizens here have these kinds of tools, including my friends and me. So the only way to go back home is to keep fighting, and avoid death. If one of us were to lose any of those three utensils, there’s no hope for us surviving in the world my group and I have soon discovered.

 My friends were sure that they have disappeared from our world to here from the day of my 14th birthday, but what about me? They disappeared a week before I did. So how did I wake up from our world to here?

 Well, I guess I’ll have to find out sooner or later. But right now, I can explain how my first day in Classic Earth went as I was mainly focusing on my last day on Modern Earth at the same time.

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