Another Boy


6. Chapter 5


Maybe now was the time to tell her that she was the girl from the air port and about what would happen to her if we got together. She'd be hated by even more people. I can't let that happen to her. I can't let the world hate her. I look at her without turning my head and I see her head turned towards the ground a shy smile on her lips and I notice the one dimple she has on her left cheek. It makes me smile. 

I decide to put my arm around her to make her feel comfortable. As I'm wrapping my arm I can feel her tense a little but then relaxes when she realizes that I have good intentions. Who made her this scared? Who made her afraid of everybody? If I ever found out who started this I'll kill them. 

"Why does no one like her?" I furrow my eye brows and she looks at me confused. 

"What?" My eyes go wide and I look at her alarmed. Crap!

"Did I say that out loud?" Shoot. I didn't mean for her to hear that.

"No duh. Who are you talking about?" She seems pretty curious and I can see just a bit of hurt in her eyes as if I was thinking of another girl.

"I was talking about you. About how no one likes you and I was trying to figure out why." I look at her and do my best to send an apology through the eyes. She looks at me with conflict in her eyes. "What's wrong?" I stop walking and look at her worried. What had I said? What did I do?

"I can tell you the reason no one likes me but then you'll walk away as well." She now looks ready to cry.  I pull her into my arms and hold her against me. What the hell happened to this girl?!

"I promise on the sake of food that I won't walk away." I look her in the eyes as I say it that way she knows that I mean it and that's when the tears start to fall. 

"Niall, everyone in this town knows what happened to me and they all judged me for it. Even my own mother. Why would you be any different?" I can barley make out what she says through the tears rolling down her face. I hold her even tighter and start shushing her. 

"Please tell me. I am different. You know I'm different.  I know how it feels to be hated and have people judging you for your past. They're just jealous. I promise. You are special and beautiful and you don't deserve everything they say to you. I can promise you that." I say it with so much sincerity. That way she knows that I'm telling the truth. She pulls away from me and I suddenly felt empty without her in my arms. It was a different and unknown feeling. With her, I felt whole. I felt as if nothing were missing and my life was the way that it was supposed to be. 

"Don't you DARE say that to me. It's all lies. All of it. If they weren't my life would be so much better. If I was worth anything I would have friends. If I was special I would be loved." The tears are pouring down her face vigoriously and I take a step closer btu she only backs up.

"Niall I was raped!"

***TAYLOR'S P.O.V.***

"Please tell me. I am different. You know I'm different.  I know how it feels to be hated and have people judging you for your past. They're just jealous. I promise. You are special and beautiful and you don't deserve everything they say to you. I can promise you that." I feel anger rise up in me. No guy was different. They were all the same. They just wanted to use you and hurt you and eventually kill you.

"Don't you dare say that yo me. It's all lies. All of if. If they weren't my life would be so much better. If I was worth anything, I would have friends. If I was special I would be loved." He tries to take a step closer and he opens his mouth to say something but I step back and cut him off. 

"Niall I was raped!." I can feel the tears pouring down my face. The look of shock on his face scares me. I've lost him that's the look that everyone gets when they hear what happened. That's the look that everyone had on their faces when I returned from the hospital. 

Now the only thing left to do was run. Run from my hopes. Run from my dreams. The only things that would remain would be my problems. Those are the only things I can run from.I could stay but what was the poing? I decide to run. 

I can feel my feet pounding on the ground as they try to get away. I run into the bush even though I can hear Niall calling my name behind me. He sounds close but I've spent so much of these past two years running that I was able to outrun him.  

I ran into the bushels and the shrubs well awareof the fact that I had most likely just lost the only person that could help me. Even if I had only known him for a couple days. I was falling even harder for the Irish cutie who seemed to care a lot about me. I don't know why he does though and I just couldn't find myself to trust something that I didn't know. There was no security in it and that scared me. My walls crumbled around him. My eight inch thick steel walls just melted when he was around and then there was nothing to protect me. 

I find a place to sit that seems pretty far into the brush and I sit and cry. I can hear Niall calling my name but I don't respond. I wish he knew where I was. I never should have ran. That realization just makes me cry even harder. I'm suck a selfish bitch. All I ever did was hurt people. Why would he ever want to even talk to me again let alone finish our date?

Suddenly I feel a pair of arms around me. A pair of big strong arms. They wrap around me in a comforting manner but I still start to panic and I start struggling trying to get out of the strangers grasp. Unable to I start to hypervenelate. This couldn't be happeneing. Not again. 


I had just gotten home from school and I place my bag down quietly trying to scope out if he was here or not. Not seeing any sign of him I let out a relieved sigh and walk upstairs to my room, bringing my bag with me so I could do my homework. My eyes go wide when I open the door to see him on my bed with a bottle of vodka and a drunken, evil smile.

"Welcome home baby." My skin crawls. He had never called me that before and I didn't want him to.

"Please get out of my room." Normally if I asked nicely with a good amount of fear in my voice, he would leave but not always. He lets out a chuckle and stands up walking behind me. I thought he was going to leave until I hear the door close and lock. I turn around quickly shocked. 

"Dad please." He places his bottle down and walks towards me slowly as I try to back up. I hit something and turn around to see it was my bed. I look back at him and he smirks taking a giant step and reaching me without a problem. He grabs my waist and pulls me to him trying to kiss me. I fight him on it and try to push him away. He lets me go and slaps me hard.

I land on the bed with tears in my eyes as I feel him ripping the back of my shirt open and unclipping my bra. He flips me over and pulls them off me and yelling at me for crying, sending another slap my way. After that I let myself go numb. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing me struggle. 

When it was over he grunts and leaves the room while I curl myself into a ball thankful he was gone. I hug my pillow to my chest and cry not yet knowing of the band, fighting to win a show all the way in England. I thought of taking my life. it would be so much better than staying in this hell. 

The numb was going away and I could feel the pain between my thighs. I feel one more tear fall down my face as I fall into a deep sleep.


I no longer feel arms around me and I jump up in fear looking around. I see Niall sitting there looking at me worried. I look at my hands to see I was shaking. What had just happened? That had never happened before. I look up at Niall with tears in my eyes yet again and I reach my arms out for him like a child. He immediatly runs to me and pulls me to him. 

"Ssssh baby. It's okay. It's gonna be okay. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you. I'm not gonna judge you for something that some punk did." I cry into his chest and he sits down pulling me into his lap. I cry for another hour before the tears slowly stop. He doesn't say anything and he doesn't complain. This boy really was an angel. I pull away and wipe the last of the few tears. 

"You okay?" I look at him and nod a bit. He holds me to him still and we sit there in a comfortable silence.

"Taylor, can I ask you something?" I look up at him and nod. I wondered what he had to ask me but I sure as hell wasn't expecting what he did as me.

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