Another Boy


5. Chapter 4

****TAYLORS P.O.V****

I look around and then realize that we never agreed where to meet. The park is huge, I didn't think this through. Maybe it was all a joke and he wasn't even gonna show. I mean, why me? Out of all the girls he meets everyday that are so much better then me, why me? It just doesn't make any sense.

I'm not pretty like the other girls, I'm not witty, I'm not smart. My tiny brain just doesn't comprehend it. I've always had a One Direction crush on Niall but i never though anything would come of it because, things like that just don't happen to girls like me.

I remember when i first heard Niall sing. I was in my room with my door locked...


"mom I'll be in my room." I yell down the stairs as I close my door.

"Alright" I hear her yell back. She doesn't care. When did she ever care? It made no difference to her whether i was alive or dead.

I went over to my closet and grabbed the rope. I set it up, then I went and put on my One Direction album. I hadn't listened to the whole thing yet. I was listening to "One Thing" when I was getting up and putting the rope around my neck. The I heard a very angelic made me want to stop what I was doing and so...I did. I later found out whose solo it was and...I'm grateful.

I fell in love with the voice before i fell in love with the person. A couple of days later i went and looked up the music video for the song and I found out who sang that lovely solo. Niall Horan. the beautiful blond Irish Boy.


I look around and find myself in the middle of the park. I look to my left and see a bench. I decide to go sit down while I wait for Niall. Who knows, maybe i'm wrong and it isn't a date. The sun is shining and the blue birds are singing. It's a Saturday so there are people from school around. Some of them look at me and laugh.

It was a normal occurance but I still put my hood up. But I know that they can still see me. I look around and spot Amber. SHIT! What is she doing here? I see her on her cellphone and then the worst possible thing happens...she see's me.

When she spots me she almost chokes on her coffee laughing. She hangs up her phone and starts walking over to me in her every so 'graceful' walk. When she gets to me she laughs again.

"Wow. So the freak thought she could act normal and no one would recognize her. News flash honey. You'll never be normal and you'll never be loved." She smirks as tears fill my eyes then she takes off my hood and takes her coffee pouring it on me. She looks at me with this smug smile on her face.

"What are you gonna do Simons? Go and cry to the mother that hates you just as much as everybody else?" She says it right up in my face. I'm about to push her out of the way when I hear a voice chime in to stop me.

"I don't hate her. In fact I quites like her. We had a date planned for today and I still planning on going on that date even if my date smells like coffee."


I get to the park and i realize that I don't know where to go. I feel this tugging in my chest that starts leading me toward the middle of the park. As I'm walking, I start thinking of Taylor. Her beautiful brunette hair, the smile that never seems to leave her face even if she's upset. And her wrist. The wrist with the marks that prove just how strong she's been. Strong enough to hold everything in to the point where it breaks her.

For some reason I felt really protective of her. It's like I've known her all my life but just hadn't realized that she knew me. I get to the middle of the park and I see Taylor sitting on a bench. I'm about to walk over to her when I see this blond girl beat me to it. In my opinion she looked WAY to sure of herself.

I see her approach Taylor and the things that come out of her mouth are nasty. I can see Taylor on the edge of tears but before I can do anything the girl pulls down Taylor's hood, and then dumps her coffee on her. Through her laughter I can hear her say, "What are you gonna do Simons? Go and cry to the mother that hates you just as much as everybody else?" Taylor lets the tears spill over and it kills me to see her in tears. It kills to know that people were hurting her. I had to stop this.

"I don't hate her. In fact I quites like her. We had a date planned for today and I'm still planning on going on that date even if my date smells like coffee."

They were looking at me crazy and that's when I remember the shades and hoddie I was wearing so no one would recognize me. I pull them off and the other girl gasps while Taylor looks down shyly, shocked.

"Apologize" I say to the blond girl. Her eyes wide she obligises.

"S-S-S-Sorry Simons." Then she walks away. Taylor's still staring at me like I have two heads.

"What?" I ask unsure of what to say.

"Um...Nothing. Where you wanna go?" Even though she said it was nothing I knew it was more than that. I thought of kissing her then. I'd been having this overwhelming urge to do it since I'd met her. I just hadn't made it known.

Maybe now was the time to tell her that she was the girl from the airport? I look at her to see her shy smile and notice the one dimple she has on her left cheek. It was so cute. I smile and put my arm around her happily.

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