Another Boy


2. Chapter 1

The music is blaring in my ears as I walk down the streets of downtown. My name is Taylor Simmons. I'm 5'3" brunette that weighs 135 pounds with blue/green eyes and I am a major Directioner. My I-pod is full of the different versions of their songs. In my room, on the purple walls, I have a One Direction section for all of the posters that I have. I skipped school today not wanting to deal with the taunts of my fellow class mates. Knowing they hate me doesn't do any good to help with my home life.

I also can't stand to see HIM with HER. HIM is Johnny, my ex. He l left me a year ago for HER (aka: Jessica(aka: miss popularity)). I lost all my friends because of rumors he spread about me. when I pass people in the hall I can hear them snicker. Just thinking about it makes me want to run. So that's exactly what I do. I run down the street doing my best to clear my mind. When I stop, I'm in front of the music store. I look inside and once again see the poster for tickets to the next One Direction concert when I know they're already sold out. I never found it quite fair how I was the most dedicated but could never get tickets no matter how early I got to the music stores. Letting out a sigh I walk out of the store putting my headphones back in.

Vaguely aware of the people I'm passing I bob my head to the music. I'm only aware enough not to bump into them. In my small town of 10,000 people, the cops knew everybody. They knew how bad it was for me at school so if they saw me on the street, as long as I wasn't making trouble, they left me alone. I hadn't been caught yet thank God. If my parents found out that I ever skipped school then they would kill me. Literally.

I close my eyes getting lost in my music and my personal torture. That was a mistake because before I knew it I was on the ground next to a stranger. Or, so I thought he was a stranger until i saw his face. I almost screamed. I have had the luck of actually running into Niall Horan. I immediately start apologizing not knowing what else to do. I'm looking around worried that the cops have seen what just happened. He grabs my hand and pulls me into the closest alley.

He looks at me and then this look comes over his eyes as he sees that I'm scared and worried. I hear footsteps and look behind us to see Paul following us. My heart picks up speed. In all honesty, I was terrified.

"What's wrong?" He asks it with much worry in his voice.

"Nothing." I couldn't tell him everything that happened. Is only just met him. He would think I was a freak.

"Come on. You can tell me." He takes my hand but then realizes what he did and lets go.

I let out a sigh. "Your not gonna let me leave until I answer right?" He nods and I look down was it really worth it? I decide to tell him what was going on today instead of everything knowing it would get me out of here.

"I'm supposed to be in school but the cops let me skip because of how bad it is. The kids torment me so to avoid it I don't go. The cops don't say anything as long as I don't make any trouble. I'm worried that they're gonna report me for that."

"I won't let them even if they wanted to." He said it with a small smile letting me know it was okay.


"Because it was an accident. You didn't mean to do it. Did you?" He sounds serious but the look on his face lets me know he's fooling around.

"No, I didn't mean to do it." I can't help but smile and blush.

"Then we're good. Whats you're name love?"

"Taylor Simmons." He smiles and I blush deeply. He was only being curtious though.

"Nice to meet you Taylor. I'm Niall Horan. As you probablt know." I nod and he chuckles a bit before checking the time and widening his eyes.

"I'm sorry Taylor but I have to go." I nod and he starts to walk away then, thinking that I'm not looking I'm sure because my head is down, looks back at me. When he looks at me I can feel my heart skip a beat.

He's gone. I take a moment to asses the situation. I look at my wrists. The jagged lines make me want to hurt more. Then I know that I can never let him know that i do this. Why would he ever love me anyway? A girl with more scars than there are people on the planet. He deserved better. So much better than what I could provide him with. Seeing those lines on my wrist only confirmed my thoughts. I sit right there and make another one adding to the story that was my life. Would it ever be enough?

He must have felt sorry for me because, no one likes me. Plain and simple. I can't let anyone know that I do this. I count the lines that seem to be all over my arm. 12 old ones, 5 new ones. 'Why do I do this?' you may ask. The answer is clear. There's no other way. The pain is to great. It's how I cope with everything.

I look at the clock. It's noon. Shit! It's a half day and I'm supposed to be home in a half hour. My house is 40 minutes if I run. I start running with my brown hair flying all around me. Great. Another sun filled day at the Simmons house hold.

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