Two separate teens.
Living their life.
Its normal.
They're normal.
Until they meet each other.

Kiara Callius has just moved to a new big city. She now has to adapt to a brand new school too- as if leaving her friends wasn't hard enough. Will she adjust and fit in?

Jonas Hixen is the cliche popular jock at his school but is life all that it seems? With his annoying and clingy ex, his dad expecting more of his football career and all that comes with being popular, how will he cope?

They're both trying to escape from their past and start new, can they do it together?


2. New(s)





I stepped off the bus to find my best mate Rylan ready for our fist bump. I left him hanging for a bit, but he punched me in the arm, so I connected our fists.

‘Morning dude.’ I offered him while I put my hand back to under my bag strap, my other hand stuffed into my pocket.

He put both his hands in his pocket and slumped forward, as always and replied.

‘Yo! Have you heard?’

I gave him a blank look as we started to walk down the hall. Every second person was giving us a morning greeting or a high five or something. I responded with a head nod, Rylan had me so intrigued. All the girls just keep staring and looking us up and down, then giggling and whispering to all their ‘besties’. I was used to this, being named as ‘Most Popular guy in school’. Rylan loved all the attention, but me, I didn’t really understand why it was me. My older bro Damon, was also deemed Most Popular, I guess it ran in the family.

When we finally reached our lockers I slumped against it and turned my head towards Rylan who was already stuffing his bag in his. He caught my eyes, nodded and began to fill me in.

‘Abigail dumped Aaron last night. Apparently, he has been spending too much time with his tutor.’

I shook my head and proceeded to undo my own locker. This was the news Rylan and all the others were interested in. I had gone out with Abigail for a while, but I found she was just an attention-seeking, gold-digger, to say the least, so I ended it. From then on, she has tried to make me take her back, making me jealous and getting in all the goss. Rylan has always had a huge crush on her, but it has been publicly announced, a fair amount. Much to his disappointment, she has expressed often, she is not interested in him. He’s pretty confused at why I don’t take her back most of the time, so any opportunity he gets, her name escapes his lips.

‘Do you not care? At all?!’ He asked me, slapping his hand on my lock so I couldn’t lock my locker and leave him.

‘Nope. Not at all!’ I declared and started to walk away with my very few books in my arms. As we were walking down to our next class, suddenly I stopped and my jaw dropped to the ground. I slapped Rylan on the shoulder and pointed to what caught me off guard so much. He also was so memorized by what we saw. Why wasn’t that the goss that everyone talked about?

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