Two separate teens.
Living their life.
Its normal.
They're normal.
Until they meet each other.

Kiara Callius has just moved to a new big city. She now has to adapt to a brand new school too- as if leaving her friends wasn't hard enough. Will she adjust and fit in?

Jonas Hixen is the cliche popular jock at his school but is life all that it seems? With his annoying and clingy ex, his dad expecting more of his football career and all that comes with being popular, how will he cope?

They're both trying to escape from their past and start new, can they do it together?


1. First Time For Everything




‘First Time For Everything’

As I raced down the front-porch steps, I looked down at my outfit and triple checked it was acceptable.

Just as I was about to slam the front door behind me, I heard my name being yelled. I sighed, slumped down my shoulders and turned on my heels to walk back into my new house.

‘Yes?’ I responded, the word echoing down the hallway to finally reach my mum. Tapping my foot and looking at my watch while I waited for the answer, I was caught off guard by my adorable little brother Finn. I gave him a bear hug as mum walked in, fixating her earrings on her.

‘Can you take Finn to day care too?’ She asked before grabbing her handbag and tapping Finn on the head.

‘Mum, on my first day, I can’t be late. I’m sorry, I really can’t. The bus is gonna leave without me!’

My final words were spoken as I stepped backwards outside. I closed the door and ran off towards the bus stop. Wouldn’t it be just terrible if I missed out on my first day of school. I mean, who would want to miss out on the day they dreaded most? Pfft. Not me. At all. Note the extreme sarcasm. But…This was it. This was my first day at my new school. I knew no-one and I was so nervous! I finally reached the bus-stop just as the bus pulled up. Damn my good timing. I stepped on to the bus puffing and handed the driver my money. He nodded at me and pointed behind him for me to take a seat. I was walking down the aisle deciding where to sit, when the bus took off and threw me into a seat. I have to admit, it made the decision easier anyway! I put in my earphones and tried to ignore the people’s eyes glaring at me. I heard them whispering and giggling, but I kept my promise of not caring anymore. After all, that was my problem at my last school. I decided this time, it would be different! After I while, I got out my phone and text my best friend. We had a long conversation until it was my stop. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to survive the year without her by my side. We had way too much in common. We became instantly, in Kinder, where she offered me her half-eaten apple, because I was alone- she says. Just in case you were wondering, I politely declined the offer but it always made us giggle that an apple bought the friendship to life. I sighed before picking up my bags and walking off the bus towards my new school!


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