Get Out

about self harm


1. Get Out

It all started at the age of five

everything was great

everything was fine


Come in, she'd say

Come in for a while

Come in she'd say

and play for a while


Then came age seven

here came her little brother Treven 

and she started to get slightly ignored


Come in, she'd say

Come in for a bit

Come in, she'd say

just come in and sit


Up next came year eight

her parents decided to separate

"Its for the best", they had said

but how would she feel abut another woman sharing her dads bed?


Come in?, she'd question

Come in?, she teared up

Come in?, was muffled into her teddy bears heart

Come in? or not?


Year ten arrived fast

she wore a cast

because she got called fat

so they pushed her down the slide and she missed the mat


Please don't, she'd say

Please don't, she said looking up

Please don't, she said

for I'm too young


Year twelve she started junior high

she was getting stronger with her head in the sky

although her grades were dropping from 98's to 92's

she didn't seem to mind


Come back she had said to her friends

Come back inside

Come back she'd say

for i now have pride


Year 13 she lost it

her first heart break

she had no one but herself

and its nothing she could take


Go away, she would say

Don't come inside

Go away, she would say

Go away, she'd cry


Age 14 was horrific

the grades were down to low B's

she sat in her room under blankets

wondering what life actually means


"Go away!", she'd say

"Go away!", she'd shout

"Go Away!", she'd cry

Im a little bit too gone now


Lets skip ahead to age 16

where everything turned for worse

she popped pills and drank alcohol 

to get rid of the pain of course


"Get out!", she'd yell

"Get out right now!"

"Get out!" , she screamed

"Just forget me"

Age 17 went by slow

It was quite a drag

She wore bracelets to cover up

All the scars she had

"Back off", she'd say

"Back off right now."

"Back off", she whispered

She fell to the ground.

But then....

At age 18 she looked to the sky

"What am i doing with my life?"

She looked down to the floor

"Where is the person i was before?"

She sat up real quick

"I cant keep going on like this, it's sick"

So then...

Graduation day came

All honors were in her name

She got a scholarship to Harvard

The dad was finally proud of his daughter

Age 19 she started school

No friends

No family

Just her in a dorm

"This is it", she'd say

"This is it!", she laughed.

"Im going to be successful!", she cried

"Goodbye to my past"

Age 20 she studies hard and makes friends

Age 21 shes old enough to drink but she declines it

Age 23 she meets the boy of her dreams

Age 24 she walks across the stage for a step closer to another dream

Age 25 she marries

Age 26 her life is like a dream

So you see, everyone has a rough past but you cant go from that.

Pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle and you can be like that






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