Best Friends Brothers


1. chapter 1

I moved to Los Angeles, California last month to live with my dad because my mom thought it would be better. She thought it would be best for me, because she thought I would meet new friends and possibly a new boyfriend. The only reason why she sent me here is because my ex-boyfriend, David, asked me to marry him, and my mom did not like him at all so she sent me to my dad's. Let us hope this turns out okay.

I'm standing in the LAX lobby in my 'santas my homie' sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, Christmas leggings and my teal vans while standing next to my cheetah print luggage when I hear someone say,

"December Styles is that you?"

I turn around and realize that it was Drew Ryan Scott, TC, Blake, Jayk, and Devin. I shake my head yes then next thing you know Blake and TC are fighting their way over here and Blake wins like always and he picks me up in one of those hugs I love so much. We are standing there hugging when Drew, Jayk, and Devin clear their throat and say,

"Blake, we should probably get going. I am pretty sure that December's dad wants to see her."

We release the embrace and turn to them and TC says,

"Yeah, your dad literally hasn't shut up about you since your mom called."

Blake grabs my bags and my hand then leads me to the range rover I look at him and say,

"OH YEAH! Blake that is one sexy range rover!"

Drew Ryan drives while Jayks in the passenger's seat while Blake, Devin, TC and myself just sit in the back and play Uno, which of course I win, while I'm sitting there concentrating on the game Blake leans over and whispers to me 'Our parents are dying to see you.' I look at him and smile. Blake turns back to the game and Drew finally tells us,

"We're here, Dece go say hey to your dad me, Blake, TC, Jayk and Devin will get your bags. Then we'll stay and hang out for a little while."

I turn around and start to head into the house but no before I say to Drew,

"One, don't call me Dece, Two we're gonna party like it's not our birthdays, and three My BFB is gorgeous and I bet you will never guess who it is!"

I stand there after I say it and smile then turn around and walk into the house, leaving Blake, TC, Drew, Devin and Jayk standing on the porch. After the surprise welcome party that dad had thrown for me. Blake and myself are standing in the kitchen and doing the dishes when our dads walk in on us talking, after like three minutes of us standing there talking my dad speaks up and says,

"Talking about anything interesting?"

They stand there and just stare at us then TC says,

"Well, I think they are talking about what they both have been doing for the past God knows when."

My dad looks at him and nods his head in agreement. Blake and I stand there and just stare at each other. We all go sit in the living room and just chat then Drew Ryan, Devin, TC, and Jayk speak up and says,

"Maybe since it is Friday Dece could stay the weekend at our house our parents are dying to see her."

Blake and I are standing there when I look at them and say,

"What did I tell you about calling me Dece and no matter how happy I am that you suggested that DON'T EVER CALL ME DECE AGAIN unless I allow it."

I look at my dad who obvisilly is thinking hard about this, and I say,

"So dad can I go it's not even an hour away and plus I'll be with Blake, TC, Drew Ryan, Devin, Jayk and Drew and Devin's parents plus their bodyguards will be there I know for a fact that they are not gonna let anything happen to me."

He looks at me from the chair we've had forever it feels like and gets up and walks over to Blake and Jayk and says,

"Make sure she's back by Sunday and make sure she doesn't find a way to kill herself."

They shake their head as a sign of I promise she won't find a way to kill herself. I hug my dad then I head up stairs with Blake trailing behind me I get into my room to find my stuff already unpacked and hung up in the draws I turn to Blake with a confused look on my face as he starts laughing and says,

"Your girls unpacked your bags for you while you were working the scenes at the party, they had a feeling that we were gonna get you down to HB so they already packed you a bag."

I look at him and grab the bag they packed for me and see that they packed my bright blue vans, my pocket tee tank, my studded bandeau bra, my tan and bright blue fedora, my bright blue shorts, my Emblem3 'you're the one that I want' top, my toy story toms, my off white knitted beanie, boyfriend jeans, my emblem3 'im a Chloe' shirt, jack wills shorts, my light pink vans, shorts with suspenders and my 'cool kids don't dance sweatshirt.' Then I look at him and ask,

"You had this planed the whole time didn't you?"

He looks at me and smiles that evil little smile and throws me over his shoulder and takes me out of my room and out the front door. I yell back to my dad as I'm being carried to the 'sexy range rover' as I called it earlier,

"Bye Dad, I'll see you Sunday!"

I hear his brother say before we get to the range rover,

"Let's go, but first do you remember what you have to give to December."

I'm standing there with the most confused look on my face again. Blake looks at his brother and our friends and smiles then goes to the range rover and comes back with a piece of paper and a box. I'm standing there and I ask,

"What's with the box and paper?"

They both look at me and smile, Blake walks up behind me and says,

"Open your eyes when I tell you too okay?"

All I can do is shake my head yes. I'm standing there with my eyes closed not knowing what Blake was about to do. I feel a necklace being put around my neck and a bracelet being put on my wrist then I hear Blake and Jayk whisper,

"Okay, open."

I open my eyes and Drew is holding a mirror, I look into it and see the most beautiful diamond shaped pendant. It's white with black diamonds, rubies, green emeralds, pink sapphires, yellow diamonds, and sapphires on it and it say's Your One of a Kind on the back of it. I look at my dad, Drew Ryan, TC, Devin, Jayk, and then last but not lease I look at Blake he's looking at me with his brown eyes and says,

"So, do you like it? We had it made just for you there's not another one like it in the world."

I give him the biggest hug I have ever given anyone and start to cry. I then remember that they put a bracelet on my wrist, I look down and see a charm bracelet with diamond shaped stones in black diamonds, rubies, green emeralds, pink sapphire's, yellow diamonds, and sapphires and different charms that have to do with everybody in my life. For TC there's a microphone and a magenta music note, for Jayk there's a skull and cross bones and a red music note, for Devin there's a pair of board shorts and a blue music note, for Drew Ryan there's a cupcake and a lime green music note, and for Blake there's a heart and a yellow music note. The bracelet makes me start to cry even more. We walk out to the rover and he hands me a piece of paper with a map on it I look at him and ask,

"I take it I have to go on a little scavenger hunt when i get to Huntington Beach?"

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