What happens when the guy who could send the whole world into tragedy (probably the most dangerous person in the world) finds out about Ariel? The daughter of his worst enemy? (Who is also evil)



The light flickers through the window and my eyes flutter open. I expect to see my pink curtains but instead see none. Where am I?

My carpet is gone and all my furniture has been replaced. This isn't my room at all!


"Hello?" I call out from the bed. I hear footsteps walking towards the door, and I move to the back of the bed.

"You're awake." A dark haired boy smirks.

"Who are you?" I question and absorb the him and the room. "You can call me Sir." He insists. "Where-" I try to ask him a question but interrupts me with "hold on, fist I need to ask you some questions. 1) you are Ariel Grace Rain am I correct?"

"Uhm.... Yeah?" I reply unsure of what's going on. "Daughter of Helen Rain?" He adds.

"Yes." I mumble.

"Ok good." He says staring at me. He bites his lip.

"Can I go home now?" I say hoping he says yes.

"Look Ariel, I'm sorry but no." "What?" I say. " Ihave free will, I can leave whenever I wan't"

"In sorry but you can't. Do you know what your mom does for a living" he asks.

"No why?" I sniffle

"Let's just say she is a spy, and I am her enemy."

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