What happens when the guy who could send the whole world into tragedy (probably the most dangerous person in the world) finds out about Ariel? The daughter of his worst enemy? (Who is also evil)


2. Zayn Malik

Zayn's POV

Helen Elizabeth Rain: Google

I typed her name in again in case something new popes up. This time something did catch my eye. A girl named Ariel popped up on Facebook with a picture of her and Helen. Who was this?

I clicked on her. It said Ariel Grace Rain. Does Helen have a daughter?

I chuckle. If I can get my hands on Ariel I could get Helen to do whatever I want.

Did Helen really think she could keep Ariel away from me? Ha.

I looked into her more she goes to Kute Academy. I looked up her school online and got all the hours. I think my best bet is to have Niall pick her up on Tuesday during break.

I keep doing research on her.

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