What happens when the guy who could send the whole world into tragedy (probably the most dangerous person in the world) finds out about Ariel? The daughter of his worst enemy? (Who is also evil)


3. Ariel's POV

Ugh the weekend is over! I slug into the bathroom and take a quick shower. When I get out I put on some blue flats some jeans and a cute sweater that says love on it.

"Ariel, SCHOOL!" My mom yells out. "You are going with your dad next week!"

Oh no, I still have scars from last week and all the other times I go with him. I ignore the thought And run down stairs and out the door.

"Thanks mom, bye!" I yell.

I run out before she can answer, and catch the black car that always picks me up. My mom says she doesn't trust the people in busses, so she just told me to take this car everywhere.

I don't even know what the driver looks like there is a wall separating us. So basically I'm in a black box with doors and no windows

I get there get out and thank the man. I don't even know if he hears me, but I always do anyways. I even made up a name for him, I call him Bob. Cheesy I know. But I didn't know what else.

School on Monday was boring as usual. I went through five periods if hell and 1 free period, until I finally made it back to my dorm.

As usual Macy greeted me, and we caught up from what happened on the weekend. After that we watched movies and made fun of everyone in them.

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